Quidditch is LOVE | Happenings at the Quidditch 2017 by Portkey Events

Anyone who knows me would tell you that I am a Potterhead. Ask my husband and he'd tell you that my Potter Knowledge is pretty high. So getting the chance to participate in one of my favorite sports is pretty exciting!

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Photo by Axl Star Powerhouse 

We all had fun, and rain or shine it was obvious that you CANNOT cancel Quidditch. Portkey Events helped me tick off one thing from my bucket list and that was to get a chance to play my favorite fantasy sport. We were playing at the football field at Ascom by the way. :D

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We were up for the first game, Bulgaria VS Ireland and I was a designated beater. The game is exciting, very physical and intense as well as FUN.

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Photo by Axl Star Powerhouse
And because I love Harry Potter so much, me and my team mates, Team Demented, got a bit inspired from our recent experiences... So napa hugot kami mga besh! Take a look :D





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We all played our best, and there was a time that my team, Team Demented had to forfeit cause half the team was experiencing cramps... But the point is that there is team spirit, and the Potterhead Team Spirit is felt from the audience, the teams, and of course, Portkey Events.

Also, plot twist: Ireland won cause the twin Chasers and their team was awesome... But Bulgaria caught the snitch!

Damn. Couldn't have played it better.

Till the next match! :D Thank you so much Portkey Events! <3

PS: Some photos were from Axl Powerhouse Productions


  1. This sounds really exciting.It seems you all had great day playing such a fantastic game.Its sad to hear about having cramps for some team members.However it is all about team spirit.Glad that there are such event planners like Portkey Events!

  2. Wow! I am also a Potterhead and would love to join something like this next time. I hope they get to organize one in Bacolod. I believe there are also a lot of Potterheads here in Negros because we also have our own 9 3/4 cafe. I hope you have a video, I would be thrilled to watch your game. I'm so jealous.