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Merced Bakeshop in Quezon CIty Philippines

I was out of the house to do a few new years errands last Monday (read: pay bills, taxes and all those things) and I also did my mom in law a favor by getting a few stuff for her around Quezon Ave, which led me to trying out said bakeshop sans restaurant- Merced.

Merced Bakeshop in Quezon CIty Philippines

Let me just put a disclaimer for you guys in here: I'm reviewing the restaurant aspect of Merced, not the bakeshop part. I have pretty fun and delicious memories with their bread, although those were usually pasalubong by my dear pichi a couple of years ago. Just to be fair and all that jazz. ;D
Cakes in Merced Bakeshop in Quezon CIty Philippines
So it was the lunch hour, thus the house was full and I was subjected to seat in one of their function rooms, which they opened to accommodate those who are in to get some good grub. I did manage to take a couple of shots of the place and it was pretty light and yet kinda cozy, like the restaurant in Aristocrat at Roxas Blvd. They have a wide selection of great breads and you can smell their flavors wafting all over the place. Lalo lang ako tuloy nagutom hehe..

Merced Bakeshop in Quezon CIty Philippines
Anyways what I ordered was Pork spareribs, which came with a side dish of soup and a slice of cake. I also got Sago at Gulaman for my drink.

Merced Bakeshop in Quezon CIty Philippines

The pork spare ribs had this barbeque sauce that was a tad bit too sweet for my taste, but it was perfect with the atchara. Unfortunately for the rice, although it was pretty flavorful fried rice, it was also too dry for me. The pork itself was a bit inconsistent in tenderness, one piece was perfectly cooked to medium well and the other, well...pretty dry for me.

Merced Bakeshop in Quezon CIty Philippines

As for their complimentary asparagus soup, although very creamy, it was barely hanging onto the flavor of asparagus. If I had not asked the waiter on what soup it was exactly I never would've guessed it myself. But hey, plus points for the effort that they thought of having a bit of soup as a side dish. :D

Sago and Gulaman in Merced Bakeshop in Quezon CIty Philippines
My dessert was a couple of things, but let me start with the Sago at Gulaman. What the soup lacked for in flavor, well, this one was oozing with it. The vanilla was so overpowering that I felt my senses were punched by it, in a good way of course. It was so good that I managed to finish it all in such a short time and eventually had myself a brainfreeze. Note to self: Do NOT ever do that again. :3

cake in Merced Bakeshop in Quezon CIty Philippines
The cake, may seem ordinary but in actuality it is perfectly light and fluffy. The icing was perfect cause it wasn't too sweet unlike the other rolls that I usually taste. 5 out of 5 bites. YUM!

Everything I ate accounted for a total bill of only 190Php. All in all, with the price, ambiance and quality, I'd give the restaurant a 3 out of 5. Their prices are pretty sulit, and it does fill you up, plus that wafting smell of cakes and pastries is just perfect.

So there we go. Of course I'd still come here, just to try out their other dishes cause maybe with their pork spare ribs it was just a fluke that I didn't like it. I'll never know until I've tried their other dishes. :D How bout you have you given Merced Bakeshop and Restaurant a try? :D

Merced Bakehouse and Restaurant
896 EDSA, West Triangle, Quezon City
6:30 AM- 8:00 PM/ Mon-Sun
Merced Bakehouse and Restaurant Website:

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