My Favorite Fan Fiction Pieces

Yes, I've been reading these for the late part of 2014 and I still really hadn't kicked the habit. I just love reading them and I can't seem to stop cause it's like a continuation of my favorite books like Harry Potter and Twilight and Hunger Games...(okay, call me mainstream and all that jazz. I'll be reading Divergent next btw..)

I usually go for the unusual pairings of Ginny and Draco, or Jasper and Bella, and even Hermione with Draco, or Carlisle or Edward. But sometimes I stumble upon alternate endings of New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, and if you plan to read these, a fair warning to you all: Some of these pieces are Rated M or have lots and lots of smut... Don't ask. ;D

This list is not a ranking of some sort. Just my top 10 faves and recommendations to those who are into reading stuff like me. :D

carlisle hermione


1. Ripples in Water by sarhea (

Summary: A collection of one-shots, moments that cumulates  in an unexpected couple- a Witch and a Vampire.

My Say: Join me in the unfolding of how Hermione Granger deals with the aftermath of the Second Wizarding War, or lack of developments after it, and along side that, she has to deal with her parents being dead. Then she goes to Seattle. It's a pretty AWESOME story with a great plot, and somehow, the Carlisle/Hermione pairing is like Oreos and Cheesecake, they just go together perfectly. MUST READ. :D


2. D & G by rowan-greenleaf (


"Like what you see?" he inquired. "Yes," she said simply. Draco rolled the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbows, his eyes never leaving hers. He walked up to her slowly, allowing his gaze to brazenly run down the length of her body. "And?" Another step and he was standing just in front of her, less than an arm's length away. "Do you intend to do something about it?"

My Say: Pretty chaste and fun and all that jazz. Seriously! No angst so a very nice refresher. :D Ginny/Draco


3. Sassafrass Junction by MsEeireChastain (

Summary: Twice burned, three times as heartbroken. Bella left Forks and returned to Phoenix to start again. Jasper walks into a bar to find a familiar face. He can't believe his eyes, but he likes what they see. Ditto Bella. Mature content, over 18 only, thx!

My Say: Lots of smut. And the things that had happened to Bella after New Moon in this series? I don't know if I can survive it like she did. But If you start this, you'll be hooked reading up until the next book...

4. Bella Whitlock, HIBC by again, MsEerieChastain (

Summary: Sequel to Sassafrass Junction, highly recommend you read that first! With the Volturi vanquished, Bella and Jasper are ready for the next phase of their lives together. Get ready for Democracy and asskickings, Whitlock-style. AU/OOC Mature, Over 18 only

My Say: I read this cause I can't get enough of Sassafrass Junction. Bella is now a Whitlock, and I really love that she has this "Angelina Jolie action movies" bitch aura in her in the two stories. :D


5. The Hunger Games: A Change in Heart by Bucsfan9737 (Wattpad)

Excerpt from the book:

"So I want to know what you think about something. " I say slowly. He looks up curiously.

" What is it Katniss? " he asks looking into my eyes. I feel immediately guilty for what I am about to say, especially since he saved my life by giving me bread.

"I have been thinking this over in my head and it seems that this is the only choice I have in order to make it home to Prim." I start.

"Katniss?..." He says. He doesn't like what I am saying and I haven't even gotten to the worst part yet.

"I know you want to make it back home to your family and I know that you are a part of my District, but I need to make it home to Prim!" I say, tears threatening to fall, I feel awful for what I am doing. Peeta looked extremely worried by this point.

"What's wrong?  What happened- " I cut him off

" I'm...  I'm... joining...the careers."

My Say:

Yep. Katniss is gonna be falling for Cato instead of Peeta. I was skeptical at first, but once I got a taste, I read it all the way. Love the plot. :D


6. Gives You Hell by toosmall808 (wattpad)


Good girls are always the ones to go Bad. And once they go bad they don't ever come back. Hermione Granger has always been the Mudblood, the insufferable know-it-all, part of the Golden Trio, and the Brightest Witch of the Age. But what happens when the truth about who she really IS, starts to break through?

My Say: Pretty interesting twist of events after the Second Wizarding War. Made me want to read more basically cause Hermione goes through her metamorphosis and becomes a pretty deadly butterfly. ;D Hermione/Draco


7. The Hidden Marauder by ItsKatGirl (Wattpad)


“A fifth marauder?” George said, furrowing his brows, “Did we-“
“-Catch that right?” Fred finished.
Harry nodded stiffly, his head pained with so many questions, “Yes.”
“But there were only four names on the Marauder’s Map.” Said Hermione, knowledgeably, “How could there be a fifth?”
Shrugging softly, Harry looked at the door with a thoughtful expression. “I don’t know, Hermione. But if this ‘Mane’ is friends with Sirius, Remus and-“  He swallowed heavily, “-my father, then they must be a good person, right?”
All of the young people nodded in agreement as Fred and George fished the extendable ear back from its hiding place.
“Enough snooping-“
“-for today folks.”
And for once, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny simply nodded in agreement before trudging off to bed.

My Say: Love the incoming pairing here. And more so the fact of mystery around the Marauders. Great plot, must read. :D Plus I see a sequel has come in :D


8. The Gods read PJATO and HOO by Khione23411 (Wattpad)

My Say: This one is characters of Percy Jackson series, along with the Gods are gonna be reading the Books. Pretty sad that it was reported and some chapters went bye bye, (and if I get to know who reported it I might actually kick the guy where it hurts most) but if you still wanna take a bite, just click the link. All for laughs. The characters are perfectly depicted. My pichi even looked at me one time asking me why I was laughing like a mad woman or something. :D


9. Killer Lies by Emmalee_sky (Wattpad)


"Deep within my perfect life was a small, minuscule chipped piece which was hidden deep down. When disaster hit, that small, minuscule piece expanded, tearing apart that picture, perfect life and destroyed me along with it."

Ginny Weasley, the youngest and only daughter of the famous Weasley family, had that seriously, unbelievably perfect life. She was dating the perfect man, living at home and working part-time at George's store. She had nothing to worry about; she was blissfully happy. Then everything crumbles after Ginny discovers something and she's heartbroken, destroyed inside.

She finally realizes that the life she was living wasn't what she really wanted and so she decides to take charge of her life. As she does that, many unexpected things happen.

And this is her story.

My Say: Yes, I do like the Harry and Ginny Pairing, but then again, after reading this series, I am pretty much hooked on to the Ginny and Draco stuff. This started it for me. I love love love how Harry turns into the bad guy(for me anyways) and that Draco is given a broader personality than what was shown in the Harry Potter Series. The perfect example of girls owning the world. Well, aside from the Gaunt Trilogy anyways.


10. Bad by Emmalee_sky (Wattpad)


“Bad, that’s what I am. I’m trouble with a wild, infamous temper and fiery red hair.”

Five years ago, the Second War ended in the Wizarding World and Harry Potter became an Auror without looking back. He had known that there were still things that needed to be done before peace returned once again. And as the years passed, he captured many dark wizards, acclaimed many dangerous objects and stopped many evil attempts at lives and the society. He loved every second of it but Harry had only one regret and that was about the witch that got away.

Ginny Weasley had changed in the last few years. She was a different person and where she once followed one man, now, she followed no one. Ginny has had enough doing what everyone wanted her to do. Her life was one that government officials would arrest her and she’d probably spend a few months, maybe years in Azkaban for the things that she’s done. At least she hadn’t killed anyone. That’s gotta be good for something. That was until they sent Harry Potter on her.

My Say: I love it cause it's Ginny gone BAD. Nuff Said. :D

Have you guys read any of these? Which ones did you like best? Hope that you check these out and love it as much as I do. Please comment below if you have any other recommendations similar to these. Maybe I'll post my top original stories found in Wattpad and Fan Fiction another day.

Cheers! :)

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