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Hey! So last sunday I was out of the house with the whole family to go on the usual Sunday Mass/The Feast. After that we went to MOA to eat and my in-laws had to take care of some business of theirs.

So I thought I'll share with you guys what I think about Icebergs Ice Cream Parlor-sans-restaurant.

Icebergs holds a lot of sentimental moments for me because this is where my husband and I ate for our first Valentine's day date... Those days hindi ko pa siya sinasagot, nanliligaw pa lang siya hehehe... During that time I remember having a taste of their clubhouse sandwich and ice cream..(that one I forgot which variant, although I remember being quite satisfied with the flavor of it. :D)

Anyways for this review I'll be sharing with you what me and my pichi ate, so let's get started ayt?

Iceberg fish and chips mall of asia

I got a plate of Fish n' Chips(Php 228.00) for my daughter cause she's allergic to chicken. Unfortunately, the fish is bland (no salt I guess) if you eat it without any dip, but the fries are pretty yummy even without the sauce. I love the taste of Tartar sauce cause it complemented the dish pretty well.

Iceberg Boneless Chicken BBQ Mall of Asia

My pichi ordered the Boneless Chicken BBQ(Php 198.00), and I had a bite out of it. It was pretty sweet and yet savory and the meat is just right and moist. :D Love the taste of it!

Iceberg Tenderloin Salpicao Mall of Asia

For myself I got the Tenderloin Salpicado, which is presented with lots of garlic flakes and strips of buttered carrots. The taste of the tenderloin is very savory, perfect and quite tender. The sad thing is that the taste of garlic is not prominent in the meat itself so a minus point for me there. :( But all in all I had ordered an extra rice cause the sauce is just that good :D

Icebergs Ice Cream is without a doubt the best yet that I have tasted, and as per their restaurant food, I think it's okay for someone who wants to go on a cozy date or just enjoy real yummy food and ice cream with great company. I'll also give a thumbs up for their Arroz ala Cubana cause it's one of my favorites :D With a cost of around 500-600 per 2 persons I think it's worth it. :D

Icebergs has lots of branches scattered around Manila so just check their site or their page in Zomato to check out if there's one near you...If you guys are using Zomato btw you can follow me by clicking on my Zomato badge on my sidebar. Cheers!


GF, South Wing, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

10 AM-10PM / Mon-Sun

Icebergs Facebook Page:

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