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I was given these baked goodies to try out for review by AnnSweet, and when my kids saw these, I was almost not able to take photos of them first. Well, you know kids right? hahaha! PS: Opinions are entirely of my own, and are 100% unbiased, even if these were sent for review. :)


Let's start with the cakepops. These are utterly too good to eat up! I can imagine this as a better gift for your special someone instead of roses, or for your friend's birthdays and special occasions. They have the packaging up and running and I love the details of it to bits.


As for the cake itself, this one was very moist, and chocolatey but not too sweet which is a great thing.




The Cookie cups on the other hand could use a bit of improvement. I mean I really liked how it was presented, and it's also yummy. But the concern here is that I find the cookie cup too dry after a day in the ref, so it would probably be best if you eat this fresh from the oven. A bit of heating up should do the trick.


This has marshmallow inside and is topped with Hershey's chocolate, which gave the cookie bit the flavor it needed. However, I would suggest that instead of just one bar, maybe the cookie part of this dessert be made with some chocolate chips, so that even if the chocolate part of the cookie cup was eaten, and there's still some cookies left it wouldn't taste bitin. :)


Even so, these babies were gone within 5 seconds of me giving my kids the go signal. And their reaction to me was lots of hugs and kisses,thank yous and remarks of "mommy, dewishious!!" So I therefore conclude that these treats are great!

For the price and quality of these baked goodies, I think that it's affordable enough. :)

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  1. I like the cake pops :-)

  2. I like the cake pops, too! Very colorful and bouquet like. Agree with your thoughts on the cookie cups. I imagine it would be bitin if you ate the top and then no more chocolate in the cup.

  3. oh my gosh they look soooo good!!! bye diet. hahaha

  4. If these were sent here at my house, malamang I will have to purchase for photo ops! haha

    the smores is sooo tempting!

  5. I got my idea of cake pops here for Mariel's birthday next month. Thanks!

  6. The Hersheys look so good! I want to eat them, no sharing lol


  7. Oh you got mme craving for sweets so early in the morning!