OOTD Inspiration | Lemon Kiss Apparel for Kids!

Once in a while I love to dress up. But what I-and probably most moms- love to do more than that is to dress up their little kiddies every chance they get. :)


Lemon Kiss is a for kids brand; specifically for girls 2-12 years of age, that I chanced upon in SM department stores.

It features these cutesy clothes that are just perfect for any occasion, like a family fun day in the park or at the mall or in church. It also embodies that energetic and bubbly personality a kid has. Plus they're totally stylish-something that you can see in a kid's version of Wendy's Lookbook maybe? :)


Quite cute eh? I can really see my 3 year old baby Jenae or my 7 year old sister Bella wearing something like this..



Of course they have clothes that come in other colors, it's just that when I asked Jenae to pick a few things that she liked in their facebook page, these are what she picked.

And this one we agreed would be looking good on her the most. :)


I guess Jenae already has her own sense of style. :)


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