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I've been quite sick for the past week, with fever and a sore throat so no posts and (almost) no facebook within that week. I blame thy sinfully delicious halo halo and fatigue for that one. :) I was however immersed with reading another fan-tabulous Harry Potter fan fiction which I'll be posting about in another time...


For now however, I'll be getting on with it and show you guys my review on Collection Cosmetic's Bright and Glow BB Cream. ;)

The Nitty Gritty:


I haven't found much that the company claims about this BB Cream, but according to Ena Teo, a beauty blogger that was at the product launching...

"The BB cream contains mineral pigments that evens out skin tone and conceals imperfection. The formula is further enhanced with Vitamin E and Sodium Hyaluronate, to keep the skin hydrated, as well as Vitamin C contained in light reflective powders to create a brightening effect for an all day glow. It also contains SPF30, protecting skin against UVB rays. The BB cream is specially formulated for Asian skin (despite Collection Cosmetics being a UK cosmetic brand, shows that they’re SERIOUS about entering the Asian market!) and is available in 2 shades, Light-Medium and Medium to Dark. Retails at $16.90 for 30 ml each."

Look and Packaging:


It's housed in a tube that has blue and yellow spots which calls for FUN-FUN-FUN! Be careful with this one though, as too hard of a press will give you much more than what you need.. My first time with this BB Cream was kinda messy so there. :3

Coverage, Finish and Swatches:

This has 2 shades out in the market- Light to Medium and Medium to Dark. I'll be reviewing the Light to Medium shade as it is what I got, but guess I should've gone with the Medium to Dark thing instead cause it looked a bit greyish on me if I use flash photography. Oh well... :)


*with BB Cream and set with compact foundation*

Coverage is light to almost medium, and is okay enough to cover my dark circles and bits of redness on my nose area. When partnered with the compact foundation though, it's coverage gets better. :)


I used this one on commute as well, on it's own, without any setting powder on and I must say that I was kinda disappointed with it as it didn't last for 2 hours.

The magic word here is setting it properly. I tried it again when I went to Alabang Town Center a day after that, to meet up with my parents. I used the partner of this BB Cream- the Bright & Glow Brightening Compact Foundation. I did this using a brush and the results were waaayyy better than before- lasted for 4 hours before I had to retouch with the compact again. :)

Price and where to buy:

Got mine from a friend, but I saw these selling in Robinson's Department stores and Watsons as well. Just look for the stall of Collection Cosmetics. :) I'll be updating the exact price of this but as of what I remember, I think it's a little less than Php 300.00


I like it, especially the SPF 30 which is a great thing to behold , and maybe I'll be repurchasing this, in the proper color this time. After all, it is affordable enough. But is it that Holy Grail product for me? nah. It's made me more oily by the 4th hour that I have this on, even with the compact foundation as setting powder. I was kinda hoping for the dewy effect but sadly, it's too much "dew" to keep it.

Maybe it's just me and my skin, as we all have different skin types, just like there are no two trees that are exactly alike. Right? :) I'd still love to hear that you tried this and let me know what you think, but for me, I think I'll go on and find the next great make up adventure...

As for it's partner compact foundation however... I'll share my experience with it later on. All I can say is that with that one, it's totally better. :)


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