Animax December Highlights: Exodus and Return of Kings

I myself am an anime fan, but it's only now that I get to watch full on episodes thanks to AXN and Animax. Cause during my time when I was way younger, I had to wait for the local channel to air the shows and sometimes, it interferes with my school lessons or chores time, but with their scheduling, I can watch anime any time that I want. Below are some of their December highlights, showing alongside  our classic favorite anime series. :)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="566"]AMX_C0051_Dec-E-Newsletter-Channels_FA_RC Photo by: Animax Asia[/caption]


YAY! So please watch out for the upcoming premiere of this new show, Exodus, that I think will blow our socks off for sure.. :)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="354"]Fafner Exodus photo by: Animax Asia[/caption]


Peace has finally returned to the island of Tatsumiyajima where the battles occurred.   However, how long will this peace last? Amidst the uncertainly, there is the existence of two special girls, one who can understand the Festum and the other  who is protected by the Festum. When the two girls cross paths, a new world is about to unfold....


Exodus premieres on December 8, 10:00pm Mondays-Tuesdays.  2 episodes back to back.  First and exclusive on Animax.


Animax is seen on SKYCable Channel 46, Cignal Digital TV Channel 34 and Dream Channel 7.



  1. I don't know if my eyes are tricking me, but Exodus' animation style looks similar to that of Gundam SEED / Gundam SEED Destiny...

  2. Yeah, I can definitely see the resemblance on that. I wonder if their storyline theme will be similar as well hihi! Gotta watch this Dec. 8 to find out! :)

    PS: Thanks for dropping by! :)