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I always love love love my Snoe What's Up Brow? pencil, but let's face it, for an everyday pencil, the stuff's pretty pricey. That is why I like to use it on special occasions only and I decided to get myself an everyday pencil that won't be hard on the budget, yet still look fab with it.

That's probably why I went for San San's Twist Eyebrow Pen... :) Well, after 2 months of use, here's my say on this:



It's quite convenient as it is the retractable type and thus no need for sharpening. Upon opening the wax looks more like a pencil point, but I love to use the stuff in a slanted angle, thus it became like Shu Uemura's Hard 9 pencil. It may feel flimsy but it's actually quite sturdy, and the packaging would've been perfect if not for the fingerprints that always seem to stick to this due to the shiny nature of the plastic covering.

Variations and Swatches:

What I got is a dark brown shade, and from what I remember there is a lighter shade to this that I think is perfect for the blonde haired gals out there.



Top is how it looks like with natural light, bottom is taken with flash.


I tested it with the harshness of the Manila commute, and with me and my sweaty face, this eyebrow product can last for around 5 hours at most. It is water resistant so no worries if it rains. :) Here's how it looks like on moi:

Hbc stuffs

Price and Where to get:

I got this on sale a couple of months back, around 95.00 Php I think, but if I'm not mistaken, the regular price would be up to 100 pesos. You can get this at any HBC stores, the nearest ones in my place is the Baclaran branch, Starmall Las Pinas branch and Robinson's Manila Kiosk.



Definitely something. It's el cheapo but of great quality and it's perfect for everyday use. Lasts quite a long time too, and it also looks very natural once applied to the face. Totally repurchasing this when my pen gets to it's end.. ;) 5/5


  1. I think this is easier to use than brow pencils. I will try this one!! Haha.

  2. Been wanting to try this san san eyebrow pencil for too long but I haven't had the luck to chance upon an HBC store/kiosk! Sana mas marami sila stalls hehe!

  3. I can't relate that much hehe but all i can say is that it looks great on you!
    Thank you for sharing this product review

  4. My cousin would love it when she sees this.Thanks for sharing! :)


  5. I'm using Nichido for my eyebrows for so long already and haven't tried any brands. This looks like a must try pencil. Will try to look for this and see we're a good fit.

  6. I dont know how to use brow pencils that's why i have an eye shadow that i use with brush to shape my brows. I think this one is good. It's handy!

  7. I have dark eyebrows that's why I rarely use an eyebrow pencil but your product is pocket-friendly and a great gift for girl friends

  8. Definitely a must try! Php95 for a product like this is worth it.

  9. Honestly I don't have any idea of this since I'm a guy. But reading through your review it seem like a great product. Nice. (y)

  10. I cannot relate, and I will be in BIG trouble the moment I find interest on these, haha! Kidding aside, the kikays out there will find value on this post.

  11. Still, thanks a lot for finding time to comment :) really appreciate this hahaha!

  12. I think we can connect well when it cones to eyebrows. Haha! I've been obsessed with eyebrows and I can tell the long process of looking for the right product to use. Thanks for this post i can try SanSan. Great review!

  13. Thanks! I love trying to recreate the look of my brows but not to the point that it looks drawn.. :)

  14. I love this! I'm such a make-up noob, but this really helped me learn! Thanks for this, dear :)

  15. Awesome cheap find!! It also blends with your eyebrows well. Hope to get to try it in the future

  16. I'm obsessed with eyebrow make up! I currently use Revlon Fantasy Brow Pencil but I'm about to run out so I'm scouting for (cheaper) options for everyday use. I've read raves about Etude House and Tony Moly but seeing the price of this, I might consider San San too. If it's not for me, I think I can live with the Php 95 price tag. :D