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[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Urbanista I love how San Francisco complements the fiery taste in music that I have. Oh and yeah, that iPod Nano 4th Gen still works...[/caption]

Hey lovelies! So last October, Christmas came a bit early as Urbanista Philippines launched their products to our shores. I am pretty excited as I got to test them out for myself and even got to bring home my very own urbanista set. :)
IMG_0296Urbanista is basically all about style and function.  Gone are the days when you didn’t expect anything exceptional from your headphones, as by wearing your music, you not only show who you are, but also that you’re connected.


They have almost every fathomable color and style of headset available for every type of urban athlete.


Miami is a classic foldable mid-size headphone that comes in several vibrant colours. The large acoustic housing provides for a rich sound experience and keeps distracting noises out. The frame’s flexibility, the soft headband and ear pads allow the headphones
to rest comfortably on your ears. Personally, I feel that this is more suited to those that are attuned to hearing the hip hop and RNB type of music as it can really "bring the beats".


With hands-free, you don’t only control your calls, but also your music. Tucked inside the head- phones, a powerful and well-balanced speaker system delivers thick bass topped with clear sound across the range. The headphones are equipped with colour-matched cables, a built-in microphone and a 3.5 mm jack. Miami works with Android, iOS & Windows.



Rio, I love cause of the water resistant feature that is perfect for athletes and commuters in our city where you can expect quite the flash floods and rains. The mesh coating and the earphones’ unique construction make them water-resistant and easy to clean.

Be a student or a yuppie, I'm sure you can appreciate the way it can block out the noise pollution of the city and enjoy that rock or classical music that you crave. Rio is extra comfy due to the  GoFit  silicon wing design, ensuring a secure fit as well as deeper and more comprehensive sound that’ll keep you motivated.


Boston is pretty awesome as you can literally go hands free with it's interesting design of the Bluetooth feature up on the center of the wire. It's like Rio, only better. ;)



Copenhagen3.0 I love the most due to the fact that even the softer parts of music of Chopin's Nocturne, I can hear and feel very clearly with this baby. The open back ear-pad construction, custom drivers and streamlined ergonomics bring a distinct sonic punch only comparable to much larger headphones. Sleek, Stylish and So Perfect is what describes this baby!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Urbanista #UrbanistaSanFrancisco[/caption]

San Francisco is something that will be very close to my heart. It can deliver your music with precision, be it Rock, Hip Hop, Classical or the sweet melodious sound of your special someone. As Urbanista said, Your ear is like a finger print and we’ve been working hard with ergonomics to give you practical and really cool hybrid earphones that fit perfectly in all ears. Top notch technology on the inside gives you supreme quality audio and remote-controlled functionality. We’re making sure you’ll look good. Your task is to choose from our wide selection of colours.

These are all very affordable and considering the quality that they deliver, it's not a bad deal at prices starting from 995 up.  My top picks would be San Francisco, Rio and Copenhagen. Go check them out today! :)


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