An all out but on the budget pampering session at UP Medspa

December 15, 2015

Christmas time is almost near us, with that comes the holiday rush, even more traffic than usual on our roads and of course, thinking of those on your christmas list, and stressing out on all the parties happening.

And so, my advice to all of us would have to be to give in and enjoy a full body and facials day pampering. And if you say it's pricey, I think that you should reconsider as I have found the perfect place for said spa day. The MedSpa at Perpetual Help Las Pinas is affordable and you can tell that the one who will give your body that relaxing feeling is well trained, as they have employed aesthetic nurses for your facial care needs and their masseuse is well trained, have undergone 4 months of training and is Licensed from the DOH. :)


I had my pampering session last 16th of November, so it was also a bit of a birthday gift for me... I got the Body Scrub and Massage first( worth 500.00 Php and 350.00 Php respectively), and they used the Apricot body scrub which is for whitening and to attain the perfect glow of the skin, plus eliminating your dead skin cells especially in the hard to reach places like your back.

Medspa iphone

I personally couldn't care less with the whitening stuff, as I'm not into that, but the smell of apricot is so yummy and relaxing! They are pretty high on the hygiene scale so they usually ask the customers to have a quick shower and they also provide disposable undies whenever one will be having the body scrub. So the one who assisted me ,Con, I think, had told me that she'll leave me for 15 minutes after application then I can rinse off the said apricot scrub. Any longer and it'll be harder to take off daw... Then, after I rinsed off, I can declare that I smell much like an apricot cake. :) YUM! hahaha Oh yeah, they have an ongoing promo for a Grapefruit Scrub and Massage for only 600.00 Php


My massage was the perfect hard Swedish massage, and it felt like every part of my body was reborn afterwards. It was done in a private room with a personal shower and dim lights, perfect for relaxing. Although as I had the tour of the place I also saw that there is a couples room with sauna if you would want to warm up first before you have your pampering sesh..


Afterwards, I was treated to a facial with diamond peel. They have a promo this November for the combo which will cost only 500.00 Php for both, although separately they cost for 450.00 Php and 500.00 Php respectively. 

Medspa iphone
I was supposed to have said diamond peel, but I really didn't want to risk my super sensitive skin on that, and also the part where they'll prick and take out the blackheads and stuff, so I can't tell much on those parts. What I can attest though is that during the whole process, there was steam rushing all over my face to help open up the pores, and I found it very relaxing indeed.

Medspa iphone

So while the steam was on, the aesthetic nurse had put on cleansing products for my face, followed by a facial scrub. After a few more minutes, (and please take note that I skipped the pricking parts) it was time for a their laser treatment that helps to close the pores and tighten the skin.
Medspa iphone

Medspa iphone
Last was the collagen mask applied to my skin, then their moisturiser. The products used are hypo-allergenic and dermatological tested Zen products. I have to commend on their moisturiser as it was not a gel type but its still quite hydrating without the greasy feel. :)



A big thank you to The Med Spa at Perpetual Help Las Pinas and Mommy Bloggers Philippines for the awesome birthday and pampering session! :)

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  1. Indeed a very happy birthday treat there. Too bad the spa house is far from our place. Nway, glad you had that break, especially on your special day.

  2. Wow! I definitely need swedish massage right now. Just reading your post makes me want this.

  3. I also like that kind of pampering! :) Including this on my wishlist! ;))

  4. Looks like you had a relaxing time :) we need some me-time once in a while... and I believe I am due for a facial or massage! hehe..

  5. I'm one of the few who dislikes all kinds of massages and spas, but it's great you enjoyed :)


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