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The best thing that I love when it comes to living down south is the fact that in Alabang Town Center, there's a couple of Food Holidays to celebrate for every month of the year! I got to partake in this year's last holiday- BURGER DAY before the year ends, and I'm here to report on how things went and how awesome the burgers different restaurants of ATC  tasted.

Zomato burger day
8 Cuts Burgers and Blends


8 Cuts Burgers are creative and yummy! The burger deal is that for any burger that you buy, you'll get their classic cheeseburger.

zomato burger day-3975

I got the Slappy J, which kinda resembles a burger bed of nachos, with a bit of kick from the jalapeƱos that came with it. Loved this as it is spicy and flavorful and their cheeseburger is one of the best that I have ever tasted.

zomato burger day-3982

zomato burger day-3981

Another favorite of mine is the 4 cheese burger but then if you've been reading my food posts you'll know that I'm a bit biased when it comes to cheese. So if you're a cheese-o-holic such as myself, get this one cause it has yellow cheddar, monterey jack cheese, parmesan crusted mozzzarella with a sprig of fried basil on top. It's like the meatier side of a grilled cheese sandwich, and yes, I felt love at first bite.

zomato burger day-3972

Another thing that I recommend is their onion rings, which I got gaga over for cause it's got the perfect batter-onion ratio, is crunchy without too much breadcrumbs/flour and would you even believe it- NON GREASY! I think I've died and gone to heaven, cause with those attributes and the seasoning that they did with the rings, it's best served hot and still awesome cold. :)

zomato burger day-3987

zomato burger day-3994

Chili's deal was that if you order a bacon burger, you'd get an old timer burger, free of charge! My opinion of the bacon burger is that it would've been ALMOST perfect, it's just that I find the bacon way too much like hard candy that I ended up taking it off and going for the succulent patties and awesome fries that come with it instead. The Old Timer Burger is your typical american burger in my taste, that's been supersized to match my hungry appetite. :)

Zomato burger day

zomato burger day-3992

The drink that I got was a strawberry mojito which is awesomely delicious, and it kinda helped in burning the burgers that I had recently downed.

Zomato burger day

zomato burger day-4000

This is Chili's Molten Chocolate Cake, the very insanely crazy delicious desert that helped us get over the food coma we are experiencing with the burger flavors. A delightful blend of cool vanilla ice cream and hot choco lava cake I think this is THE one dish that I'll be coming back for in Chili's.


Zomato burger day

With Outback, you'd get an Outbacker for every Typhoon Burger that you buy. They both really taste quite the same in terms of the patty, very juicy and you can also taste the flavorful blend, and the difference is that The Typhoon Burger is served with onion rings on top, and you can also have a choice of American or Swiss Cheese to be added on your burgers. TBH, the burgers that Outback serves can already feed 2 girls or a guy with a big appetite, and have no more room for dessert. :)

zomato burger day-4007

The Typhoon Burger

zomato burger day-4009

The OutBacker

Zomato burger day

A Strawberry-Redbull mocktail concoction to help down the burgers. Tasted a bit like a drinkable strawberry Monami candy. YUM!

Tony Roma's

zomato burger day-4010

Tony Roma's patties for their burger is a bit more focused on the actual beef flavor. Sometimes, less is really MORE, and in this case, Tony Roma's did best with that statement. The coleslaw that came as a side is so perfect for the beefy flavor that the Roma Burger has, and the home cooked fries are also just perfection.

zomato burger day-4013

With burger day's deals, Tony Roma's gave away a Roma burger for every classic Cheeseburger bought. :)


zomato burger day-4015

The mother of all burger steaks with rice combo has come to the Philippines in form of Pepper Lunch's Hamburg Steak. It's a couple of premium beef patties served in a cast iron sizzling plate, with veggies, egg on the side, and a serving of steamed Japanese rice . Personally, I'd love this with a little more corn, and the rice mixed in with the whole thing. Be wary though that since this is Pepper Lunch, the patties do have an extra kick from the pepper that's infused within the patty.

zomato burger day-4016

Size Matters

zomato burger day-4021

For Size Matters, their combo deal is that you get a couple of Jr. Burgers (sliders) for every The Works burger bought. As for the taste the burger does have the WORKS in this sandwich, from bacon to caramelized onions to a patty that's slightly crispy out and yet perfectly juicy within. YUM!

zomato burger day-4022

The Size Matters restaurant doesn't kid when they say Size Matters. Just refer to the photo below to see what I mean. ;)

Zomato burger day


Zomato burger day

Great chicken and yummy burgers are sure to fill your tummy at Stackers. Although I do have a bit of a pet peeve with the service as it is a bit slow, they did serve with a smile and they are very accomodating. So the deal is that if you get the All American Loft Burger (below),

Zomato burger day

You can get this Crazy American Burger for free. :) Love the mustard sauce that they used here, as well as the patty which is just the right amount of juicy. As for the flavor of the burger as a whole, it's your standard neat little sandwich. ;)

zomato burger day-4027

To end this awesomely delish post, here is Alabang Town Center's Food Holiday Calendar for the incoming year 2016! I'm especially excited for the hot and spicy food day, along with cocktail day, steak, shrimp, pasta, cake and of course, next year's incoming Burger Day!  Happy new year guys!

  • Jan 16 (Sat), Hot & Spicy Food Day

  • Jan 27 (Wed), Soup Day

  • Feb 11 (Thur), Asian Dish Day

  • Feb 23 (Tues), Pizza

  • Mar 19 (Sat), Coffee

  • Mar 22 (Tues), Noodle

  • Apr 9 (Sat), Cocktail

  • Apr 27 (Wed), Steak

  • May 16 (Mon), Barbecue

  • May 25 (Wed), Frozen Desserts

  • Jun 12 (Sun), Filipino Dish Day

  • Jun 17 (Fri), Shrimp

  •  Jul 4 (Mon), American DishDay

  • Jul 6 (Wed), Fried Chicken

  • Aug 6 (Sat), Smoothies

  • Aug 16 (Tues), Fish

  • Sept 16 (Fri), Salad

  • Sept 26 (Mon), Rice Toppings

  • Oct 16 (Sun), Pasta

  • Oct 28 (Fri), Chocolate Day

  • Nov 2 (Wed), Sandwich

  • Nov 26 (Sat), Cake

  • Dec 9 (Fri), Pastry

  • Dec 21 (Wed), Hamburger



  1. wish i am just near alabang and indulge to sumptous meals you have just shared! oh wow. im starving already! i sure would bookmarks this so if ever i'll be near, i can check if there's an event. haha


  2. Wow!! Love to hear this post! I'm living at Alabang and I will save the date!!!


  3. OMG! Burger overload! I have to try Chilis Molten Chocolate Cake and Angus Beef Burger from Stackers. So, theres more reason for me to din in ATC coz it runs till December, nice!

  4. Looking forward for the Coffee Day! Oh my, ATC is a paradise. Haha

  5. wow! i sure hope we have the same holiday here in our city. i sure could use a bite {or more} of those burgers! looking at those food photos now are really making me so hungry!

  6. Your photos are great Nicole! Love looking at all those burgers!

  7. Thanks! Tara kain na hehehe.. :)

  8. I've been to ATC just once with my husband and my step son. We really enjoyed our visit there as there are a lot of good restaurants around. Planning to go back there and try 8Cuts Burger Blends!

  9. Sarap! I could eat burger and pizza my entire life. lol. The photos looks great!

  10. who doesn't love burgers... your post made me drool and crave for burgers na haha...good thing Alabang is just one ride from us.. will definitely visit this place soon
    thanks for the share

  11. Would love to visit that place asap but too bad im from Cebu OTL Hope I can visit that place soon!!

  12. Nice set of photographs you have here and I can see that you gave justice on each meal you took with the right lighting and composition. I've never been in Alabang before but if ever I would pay a visit, I hope there would be a food holiday in that place so I can feel the festive atmosphere of ATC. :)

  13. As much as I'd love to comment on the food, I can't go pass not commending the high quality of photography on this post! Galing! (^_^)


  14. Aw, thanks! I try my best to not let my stomach go overboard cause when I was shooting these burgers, I am already having hunger pangs.. :3

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