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Hi! So here's my first personal post for the year... To be honest, I'm through with the resolutions that I can't really keep, and the jumping seeing as I don't have any more growing to do, physically at least... But when it comes to exploring life, I've learned something valuable that I wish I had known when I was 16 and in High School.

I've posted before stuff about the bullying that I received all throughout my school life(aside from college that is), but I failed to see the beauty that came along with that suffering. Where I saw and kept great friends that will last through thick and thin, and that it's not really about graduating highschool or whatever educational level, but the happiness you give to yourself and your parents once you attain it. And I've seen this come true as well in my latter years, especially today as a mom who's doing a sideline of content writing...

Life in it's entirety is not about that college diploma, but on the feelings that you will treasure once you march upstage. And that the diploma is actually a manifestation of your hard work that you put into your studies. It's also about the friends that you made and will hopefully keep for a lifetime.

Life is about the smiles and giggles that your get with your siblings when you're tired from all the drama in school with all the studying and yet you still fail. They do their antics and try to cheer you up. Or just say "Kaka TOOTHbrUUUSH ko Luuuunnngggg"!

What really matters in life is not the wedding ceremony, not weather the dress or makeup you wore on your wedding day is perfect, not if the reception is to the liking of all your guests, but the love and friendship that you will be committed to. And of course, the moments that will make you smile and feel content alongside your partner.


Also, it's not about weather you still make up after a big fight, but the compromise and understanding you give your partner and yourself after that big fight. And if you do make up... It's also about that pretty explosive and awesome sex after. ;) Haha!



Life is not really about weather you will finally bear a child, but the happiness that the news will bring to you and your family. It's about hearing the heartbeat of your unborn child for the first time that makes life so much more real and exciting. At the same time, the confusion and anxiety that will make you unsure if you will be a great parent, although promising yourself and your little gift from above that you will try to be is what it is about.


Life is not about passing your work on time and getting that first salary, or that promotion you've been waiting for but it is about the work that you put through, knowing that you did your best to make each and every task perfect.


And along the way, it's about your kids trying to pry your attention away from your work/laptop through their cute  antics like pushing their face to you and making puppy dog eyes, singing to you a song that they entirely made up, or just saying "mommy, I love you" and asking for a kiss and hug every now and then.

It's not about your kid finally going to school, but it is about the excitement and happiness you see before he or she goes to school. And the stories that you hear coming from his or her sweet voice telling you all about his or her day. On whether he or she got a star, what drawing they did or what's the name of his or her new friend.

Life is about those times where you and your partner's just hanging or doing work on your laptop in bed while your kids are at school, then one of you guys fart. Then you both laugh HARD. :D


So far in my life, I've learned that it's not really about the milestones unlike everybody says, but the MOMENTS that you make while getting there.



  1. oh em! exact words." it’s not really about graduating highschool or whatever educational level, but the happiness you give to yourself and your parents once you attain it

    i regret finishing college.

  2. This is so me, hihihi. Loving every moment of everything. Even the ear mark that my baby left after sleeping for hours in my arms. Love the post. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Creating memories that will last a lifetime, touching ones life and making a difference, enjoying every moment as if it was your last day here on earth... this is so inspiring.. just like what i always say to friends and i always tell my kids, its not about the quantity that you have in life, but the quality of the life you live that makes it worthwhile... thanks for sharing! :)

  4. It's really about those moments in your life. Those are what we should make sure to have and remember.

  5. I love, love, looove the title and of course the entire post! It took me time to realise that accomplishing one milestone and then waiting for the next is not living. It's merely going through a list of expectations. Glad to read a post that speaks to many of us!

  6. There were so many things that we see in different perspective way. We should celebrate the beauty of life every single day.

  7. The milestones are equally important with how you get there. A milestone is our gauge if we should continue or not with your chosen path and it's our inspiration. We pick up these bits and pieces of wisdom as you walk through, and you keep those memories along the journey. All these will be part of the exciting life you want to create, but the most important things are those which are not for ourselves, but what we did for others.

  8. not the destination but the journey :) and the lessons we learned along the way.

    I remember that during our road travels, as much as we enjoy our destinations, the little stop overs and small talks inside the car made travelling more meaningful :)

  9. What a beautiful, beautiful post. My favorite for today (and it's not even lunch yet!) Thank you for sharing!

  10. Such a beautiful post :) Very inspiring and moving

  11. hmm.. thanks for that contrasting and equally enlightening comment sis! :)

  12. Such positivity is great! Milestones should be a celebration of life, of the joy it brought and a reminder that through tough times, there had been good times with much more to come.

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