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Being a mother may be rewarding, but it is no easy task. It can get too overwhelming sometimes, especially for moms like me whose kids are at the toddler age and at the early childhood years. Why? Because while I would want to keep them protected, I as a mom also want to make sure that their little ones experience an amazing childhood. They are only kids once, after all.

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Being one of the mom bloggers who are invited for Nido's G.U.M. Kick off event, I've learned that one  of the best ways to properly protect our kids is to start from the inside. Yes, we’re talking about giving them proper nutrition.

Get kids to eat healthy

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We were guided accordingly by Dr, Agnes Calleja who gave us mommies some tips with regard to making the right food choices for our kiddos. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals that benefit children in many ways. Aside from improved nutrition, these nutrient-dense foods also build up their immune system, prevent the risk of obesity, and promote healthy bowel patterns. However, most kids today are picky eaters. They constantly ask for sweets, eat fewer vegetables, and request for the same food over and over again.

Here are some tips to help increase their fruit and veggie consumption:

  • Make meal times more colorful by mixing green, leafy vegetables with bright-colored ones like carrots and squash. You can also portion it in such a way that there are more fruits into the mix for that added sweetness.

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  • Keep children away from the TV during meal times and always have them eat on the table to limit distractions and promote good eating manners.

  • Be a positive role model and eat healthy food together as a family as kids at a young age are still most likely to copy what they see others do.

  • Teach kids healthy food choices by bringing them to the grocery and explaining the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables in a manner they will appreciate.

  • Involve them in the kitchen and show them how to prepare quick healthy snacks, so they won’t turn to chips and sweets when they get hungry.


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Protection for Laking Amazing kids


The ability of children to ward off sickness and disease is also very reliant on the health of their stomach where bacteria thrive. When people think of bacteria, they often think of it negatively. But the truth is, not all bacteria are bad. There are good bacteria and bad bacteria, and whenever there are too much bad bacteria in the tummy, the stomach system is thrown off balance, leaving children weak and vulnerable.

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Ensure that your kids are healthy and protected from within at all times with NIDO® 3+. Specially developed by the best of Nestlé Research, NIDO® 3+ is the only milk brand with Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, millions and millions of live good bacteria that are constantly on guard to maintain stomach balance and help strengthen the immune system.

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Aside from Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, NIDO® 3+ also contains other essential nutrients such as Prebio® 3, DHA, ALA, LA, Folic Acid, Taurine, and high levels of vitamins A, B3, C, D, E and Zinc to support overall growth and development.

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For kids 5 and up, there is NIDO® 5+, enriched with CALCI-N® to help build healthy bones by providing better calcium absorption.


To know more about proper nutrition and protection for kids above 3 years of age, avail of the free consultations with NIDO® 3+ and NIDO® 5+ licensed nutritionists in select groceries and supermarkets nationwide starting February 2016. For more details, visit


NIDO® 3+ and NIDO® 5+ are not suitable for infant feeding and are not breastmilk substitutes.


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About NIDO® 3+

NIDO® 3+ is specially formulated with the right amount and combination of nutrients for growth and development during his pre-school years. It has DHA, ALA, LA, Folic Acid and Taurine to support brain function and is the only one with Prebio® 3 and Lactobacillus PROTECTUS® to help protect and build your child’s bodily defenses.


  1. I haven't tried NIDO for my twins but it is good to know that there are good choices of Milk that we can choose for our kids.

  2. My LO is a Nido drinker too. He drinks one glass in the morning and before bedtime. I'm still breastfeeding him and he doesn't like formula that much yet.

  3. For my three boys, I alternate Nido with another milk so they have more options. But they would always tell me they prefer Nido. They also like the melon flavor and we just hope Nestle will offer the Melon flavor in big packages.

  4. I totally agree with not letting the kids eat in front of the TV. It was so hard for us to get our son to break that habit (which was built by Lola, tsktsk!) So, tip, don't start. Hehe.

  5. My Zd boy also is a NIDO Jr. We used this because I heard that this product is really great for kids, aside from that mura lang. hahahah! kayang kaya ng bulsa.

  6. I remember drinking this when I was younger. Iba talaga pag laking Nido :)

  7. My kids tried Nido when they were younger, I like that it's not overly sweet.

  8. Not really sure if I will give Bunny GUM since she is still exclusively breastfeeding now. But I will definitely consider NIDO because I drank it before as a kid. :)

  9. Nido kid din ako hehe and I trust this brand more than others.. Although for my kids I give them fresh milk..

  10. Nido GUM is basically for kids 3+ and 5+ anyways so it's cool. :) I too breastfed my kid until she was 3 and only then did I change her milk to a formula one. :)

  11. Although we treat milk as a simple beverage at home, my son loves it so much that he still gets to drink it everyday! I'll probably try Nido for powdered milk although we don't really patronise age-specific milk because of reasons.

  12. My daughter drank Nido when she's in pre-school. She's still a milk-drinker now but prefers fresh milk :)

  13. My girl is a Nido baby.. It's good that it is also available in the US so when we started shifting from formula to NIDO 1-3 we didn't have problem, kasi available naman. We love Nestle products.