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Okay, so it was pretty stupid of me to forget to take a photo of this liquid eyeliner when Pichi gifted this to me around late November of last year... So I apologize if the photos aren't even showing the brand name and what the hell it is, but rest assured that what I will be reviewing in this post is the Nichido Liquid Eyeliner that you see in department stores and other Nichido Stalls everywhere. :)

I was looking for a budget liquid eyeliner that time, when I remembered how Nichido is known for it's budget friendly cosmetics... And since I wanted to try another brand of makeup, I went for it. By the way, I can't find the Nichido Site so there's no official description of the product..


Packaging and Price:

The packaging is a glossy black tube, and on one side you can see the words "Nichido Liquid Eyeliner" and the expiry date or manufactured date are not included. And as you can see, after around less than 3 months, the writing's already faded.. But considering the fact that this costs for Php 68.00, I can't really complain...


The brush is one of two things that I love with this eyeliner. It can create those awesome fine lines that can make it look like I'm using a felt tip pen type of eyeliner...



See what I mean when I said really fine lines? :) The top part is 3 swipes of the liquid eyeliner, and the bottom part is one only.  The photo below shows the liquid eyeliner once it has dried on the skin.


Below is the smudge test, and I gave 5 minutes of drying time for the eyeliner before I rubbed it vigorously. This is the result:


This one below is the water test, where I ran some tap water over the eyeliner and then I rubbed it. Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed cause I thought it was at least water resistant, but hey- they didn't really indicate anything that suggests that this eyeliner is waterproof/resistant so I shouldn't have had my hopes up in the first place.




[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]pixycontest-3704 Used the liquid eyeliner for a winged eye look to help my "Tokyo Chic" Makeup...[/caption]

Price vs performance of this eyeliner is a bit wishy washy for me. I mean, I had this on once on commute and when my eyes watered from the dust, the wing part of my eyeliner smudged up big time. Although I love the part where it shows up as a matte eyeliner unlike my Aido Liquid Eyeliner which gives off a somewhat glossy finish. Another thing to love is that this is not too liquidy or not too thick when you're applying this on your eyes and it doesn't become flaky unlike other liquid eyeliners...

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]12185467_10203932503793098_7321341387694959203_o Got a bit more creative and used said eyeliner not just for the eyes but also my upper lip and "snout" or pikachu nose.. :) #BoredomStrikes[/caption]


And considering the fact that it CAN last all day without smudging too much, just hope that it won't rain. hehehe...

I'll give this a 3 out of 5 flicks since it is passable enough for an eyeliner and the cost is way awesome... :)

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Have you tried this eyeliner? How about other eyeliners from Nichido?


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