Grand Launch of Althea PH and Unboxing my Beauty Box


Hello Chicas! I'm really excited because it'll only be a few days before Althea finally opens it's "doors" or website to us for our shopping pleasure! Althea is an awesome online shop where you can get affordable korean cosmetics and skincare directly from the motherland- Korea. They give out free shipping and you won't have to have the headache of going to customs yourself as the package is delivered directly to your doorstep.

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What's more is come opening day, they'll have lots of surprises and freebies up for grabs like 50% off, free credits and free shipping for 1000.00 Php worth of purchases. Daebak! hahaha, yeah, I think I'm going korean today. Anyways, 대박 [Dae-bak] is  a word commonly seen in Althea Korea to express awesomeness. In Korea it's used to express the idea of gaining a big fortune like "jackpot"!You should totally stalk their FB page to get the latest juicy deets on what's what with AltheaPH. ;)


And now, if you remember, I promised you guys a sneak peek on what I got from said online shopping experience. Well, here is my Pink Beauty Box, which by the way is totally sturdy and so reusable. I currently am using it to store more of my make up stash...


Upon receipt of the package, even the box is bubble wrapped and all the contents of it are also wrapped up. Talk about protection eh? Anyways, here's what I got:


Tony Moly’s Backstage Gel Eyeliner- I still don't have gel eyeliners in my stash since I'm still in love with liquid eyeliners, but I thought that it's high time I get to expanding my prowess eh? So I got a couple of these gel eyeliners from Tony Moly, which here in the Philippines costs Php 548.00 and at Althea is priced for only 290 pesos! BIG, BIG savings on that me tells ye! I got a couple of colors, black and brown which I will be giving an in depth review soon. :)


Etude House Play 101 Pencil - I am also on the look out for a nice nude colored waterline pencil and it came to me in the form of Etude's Play 101. The great thing with this is it's pretty multi purpose cause it can act as an eye shadow base or waterline pencil and much more. In Althea's site, it sells for Php270.00 instead of 348.00 pesos here in the PH! :)


Mediheal Tea Tree Essential Mask- I'm not sure if Mediheal is here in the Philippines as of the moment, but I wanted to try out this mask as I know that korean skincare and masks are some of the best that you can find in the world. Anyways, this sells for Php90.00, which is a steal!


W.Lab Sebum Out Finish Pact- W.Lab is a brand that still haven't hit our shores, and as I am currently on the look out for a mattifying powder to my San San HD Liquid Foundation, I though I might give this one a try. It was until after I already purchased it did I find out that it's essentially an oil control powder that's to be used after say 3-4 hours of makeup wear. But still gonna create a review and show you guys how it was for me.. Currently from Althea's site, this is priced at 280.00 pesos, compared from the regular and converted price of 560.00 pesos. :)


Etude House Drawing Eye Brow- When I was browsing the site I was ecstatic to find these and they only cost for about 35 pesos at the time, but as it turns out the correct price for it is actually 160.00 Php. Honestly still a steal as this retails for 178.00 pesos from what I saw in the Etude House Website. ;) I got a couple of colors, Gray and Dark Brown...


And that's it for my haul! Come on and join me as we start up our venture into Korean makeup and skincare with the help of Althea PH! Don't forget that come February 15th, they'll have lots of freebies and discounts so grab this opportunity to try them out!

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  1. I think a lot of people got the Drawing Brow. I was so surprised that it was only at PHP 35. :))

  2. Hey there Nicole, its lovely to know that youre storing your make up into our reusable box! *giggles* 사랑해❤

    Althea xx

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