My Valentine's Day Look | MOTD

So here's the accompanying makeup look that I did with my Blue Valentine's OOTD. :)


For this look, I just wanted something easy, simple and something attainable within 20 minutes or less while blending things out properly. Hence the brown-gold eyeshadow, winged eyeliner and reddish-brown lipstick.

To know more on what products I used please read on.. :)

So I used a yellow concealer to brighten up my under eye area, then added in foundation, blended and sheered it out by using a sponge and hummed the rhythm dab-dab-dab. Afterwards, I sealed the liquid foundation using loose translucent powder...

Later on I grabbed some peachy brown blush on my cheeks, brown eyeshadow for a bit of contour then I buffed in some pressed powder onto the skin to make it look a bit better and more flawless looking. I learned of this "buffing" technique through Wayne Goss' Youtube Channel, which he learned through a seminar by Sonia + Fyza..

For the brows I shaped and filled them in using a brow pencil, shaped them to my straight with a slight arch shape of brows. The eyeshadow colors that I used for my eyes are brown for the outer v and crease area, and a gold color for my inner eye area. I then winged my liner using a gel eyeliner, which I am still trying to get a hang of.

I also used 2 different types of mascara, one coat for lash separation and lengthening, and another 2 coats for volumizing.


For the lips I combined a deep red lipstick with a coffee colored one and applied it with a lip brush, then added in some gold specks to make it look interesting..

Products Used:


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