Music and Your Child's Multiple Intelligence: Yes, It Helps!

Can music really help in your child’s brain development?

Jenae at around 1year and 9 months old.. And all she can say those times were the usual gaggles you hear in babies.. :( 
Jenae now at 4 Years of age. She actually prefers to reply in english, although she does understand tagalog. And when she does speak of it, it's got a bit of a slang, so cute! :)
As to what I've seen and done with my experiences as a full fledged mom, I saw that Music can really help a child realize his or her full potential, and help get a boost to attaining their milestones.

I had a lot of stress when handling the milestones for my firstborn Jenae. It was way past 2 years of age when she started talking you see. Before she did though, I always spoke to her, usually in english, as I didn't want to get rusty with my spoken english. Although during that time, my in-laws are getting antsy and they are thinking that maybe my child is an autistic or something cause of that.

It wasn't until Jenae started to watch Hi-5, (which had a whole plethora of songs kids can sing to), and I let her listen to some classical music like Chopin's Nocturne before going to sleep that we did see some improvement with her linguistic skills, at around age 3+. During those times, I took advantage and now she has memorized a couple of declamation pieces, One being "Vengance is not ours, it's God's".

My baby Rafael... He's currently around 2 years and 8 months now, and he's learned to speak his name and all important info, including a couple of lines from the poem "The Plant". He's also quite social unlike her sister during these years.

As for my baby Rafael, he's also started to talk more once I exposed him to lots of shows that have different songs he can sing to, aside from me and my husband trying to talk to him. It was a better improvement than with what happened with my firstborn. I also noticed that he loves to sing more than talk, and he's now nearing three. With those experiences, I saw that music really helped a lot in this situation, more than once.

The relationship between music and child development is a widely discussed subject in the circles of early childhood music therapists. Dr. Liz Inciong (a pediatrician, Fellow of the Philippine Pediatric Society and an Associate Active Consultant of the Institute of Pediatrics and Child Health at St. Luke’s Medical Center for 18 years) and Teacher Marah Vasquez-Estuesta of Kindermusik International are among those who have scientific understanding of the matter and strongly support it.


Through extensive interaction and training with young minds, they have discovered the role music plays in a child’s cognitive development is anchored on the theory of Multiple Intelligence. According to this theory, a child’s intellectual capacity isn’t solely based on and measured by verbal or mathematical skills. On the contrary, it is in fact far more comprehensive – covering social, music, kinesthetic and visual intelligence as well.

As Dr. Inciong states, “Music plays an important role in the development of a child’s various modes of intelligence, specifically for mental, physical and social aspects. Music helps them seek patterns in their environment, which allows them to easily recall words, phrases, even in foreign languages. They become more perceptive to sound and develop into astute listeners.”

Yeah, I definitely see the connection there. :) Just letting them listen to the right music, ones that they can gain a bit lesson from, and not the ones that I usually listen in my iTouch playlist though, which is mostly rock.

“The right tempo and message aids in the development of neurophysiological distinctions between sounds that develop literacy, which tangibly results in better academic results,” says Teacher Marah.

The good news for us moms and dads is that Dr. Inciong and Teacher Marah have partnered with PROGRESS PRE-SCHOOL GOLD to create the first ever playlists, based on scientific research and practical applications, designed to help build Multiple Intelligence in the Philippines. They're known as M.I.Beats. :)

PPSG x Spotify

How awesome is that?!

Playlist_Think Tank

The playlists that they curated are tried and tested with their own students, and each playlist is concentrated on supporting Brain smarts, Body Smarts and People Smarts.

Playlist_Sprightly Mover

M.I. Beats is the first ever playlist specifically designed to help aid a child’s developmental process and provide modern moms with access to digital platforms that offer it.

Playlist_Born To Lead
And to make it even easier for mothers to access this pioneering technology, PROGRESS PRE-SCHOOL GOLD is offering an exclusive opportunity for mothers to enjoy the exclusive M.I. Beats playlist for FREE!

PPSG M.I. Beats

For every 1.6kg can of PROGRESS PRE-SCHOOL GOLD, you get FREE access to the exclusive M.I. Beats Playlist on Spotify Premium for an entire month. Simply purchase the specially-marked cans to get the unique code, visit to register, fill up the necessary information and wait for the confirmation email.

“We found that incorporating music into a child’s daily activities can help develop his different Smarts. The more exposure a child gets, the more stimulation and benefits he gains. Living in the digital age, there are now so many options and platforms for mothers to use in developing their child. The intention of M.I. Beats is to provide them the opportunity to use music as an enabler and tool in helping them build their child’s Multiple Intelligence,” ends Josteen Vega, Brand Manager for PROGRESS PRE-SCHOOL GOLD.


  1. I'm a music lover myself and I've always used it to help my two little ones learn. My eldest is now 4 and our youngest is 3 and both have started to take on a liking to music. In fact, my daughter wants to learn to play the violin like mommy! (Kilig ako) I love that through music (and by talking to them in those languages), they both now knows how to speak basic phrases in Spanish, French, Russian and Portuguese. Another win for me because I had no one else to talk to in these languages before. Haha!

  2. That's such a good news. Before with my three boys, I often play classical music and children songs to them thus I tend to buy CDs before. Now, these songs are readily available for free pa!

  3. I'm gonna check out that playlist!

    Sabi sa Yey TV (ABSCBN Black box channel) ang music daw parang kiliti sa brains :)

  4. This is great news! Even when I was pregnant, I already played classical music to my daughter via headphones on my belly ;)

  5. Music has important role in our lives nd I also believe that appropriate music can help to boost kids multiple intelligence.

  6. Wow that's good news for the moms of the little tots! Music plays an important role in the brain development of a child... I remember my kids' early years, and even during my pregnancy, i buy cd's with music for kids and i would religiously listen to them..

  7. Music is very important and with my teens I was surprised at the recall they had from songs I played when they were so young. What surprised me was the emotions they had based on what I felt at the time.

  8. Music is a blessing from heaven for me. Without it, life will be dull. I guess it's natural for kids to be inclined to music and we should always harbor their passion if you see it.

  9. You have such an adorable kids! I agree music brings an impact to our kid's development.

  10. I'm really curious about this but I live abroad! Is there any way for me to also access this without buying the milk? Thanks!