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Stylish and yet functional. It's every man and woman's dream to have a bag such as that. Something that can withstand raindrops and typhoons here in our country, and yet you'll be calm because you know that your precious gadgets, laptop, important papers are dry inside your bag. That's how I have known EuroPak since using them a couple of years ago. :)

EuroPak Cover


Their design takes inspiration from European artistry and culture. You can sense that each bag is crafted with sophistication and passion, and they try to portray Success with their merchandise. The point here is that what ever you wear, be it formal or casual, EuroPak bags are sure to match your style. Unlike other brands and styles that can take the style off your outfit a couple of notches down.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Europak-4813 I'm saving up for this travel luggage bag, which I know I will use to store cameras and other stuff because I know EuroPak Bags can handle the stress.[/caption]


I am also very honored to be a part of their 5th Concept store opening in the 2nd floor Market Market! They have been up on retail at SM Department stores and other retail stores since 2006 and now, they're moving on to greener pastures with the opening of concept stores, their awesome stylish bags and reasonable price. I'd say that these bags are an investment. :)

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]Untitled My EuroPak Laptop case which has saved my laptop from spilled waters by my children. :D[/caption]


Aside from bags though, they also sell an assortment of stylish and durable wallets and bag accessories. :D The one I am most excited about though is their Blue Lable Collection which features genuine leather bags. I do feel as well that EuroPak bags are the PERFECT gift, if not to yourself then your dad or special someone. I'm sure they'll appreciate the durability and stylish design of EuroPak bags that will always elevate any outfit, be it formal or casual. ;)


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