Fun and Fashionable bags for school with Cool Kids and Latitude

School's (ALMOST) out for summer! While this would mean a couple of months where moms and dads can take a little breather, it also means looking out for ways that we can show our kids ways to help out our planet. Latitude and Cool Kids Bags for kids show us fashionable backpacks for school and great character bags with icons who can show our little ones how to save the planet!


What is Cool Kids?

Both Latitude and Cool Kids Bags are by Funtastic International INC., and their advocacy to help the planet and keep it green is shown in their products. Cool Kids on one hand feature kids trolley school bags and backpacks with characters who have different roles to play in teaching kids how to care for the environment, like:



  • Dazzling Princesses: They promotes sustainable consumption and teach kids to get only what they can consume

  • Forest Fairies : They are all for forest preservation; helping the earth by showing that we should take care of the trees and stop logging activities.

  • Viron: Promotes the use of alternative/ Bio Fuel.

Latitude Bags by Funtastic International INC.





Latitude Bags are designed for College students and even the young adults. Latitude means NO Limits and allows you to express yourself freely. These bags, alongside the new designs for Cool Kidz this 2017, show fashionable backpacks great for school and the workplace.




The perfect  accessory for creating a fashion statement, these bags are sure to also last a long time as they have great quality and are made of top quality materials.

With the advocacy of Funtastic International Inc.  to preserve the environment,  a part of the proceeds of their sales go to donations to charities towards environmental care.

More than just BAGS

Funtastic International Inc. not only has bags for release this 2017, but a new line of affordable and safe toys for our little ones. Zigo by Cool Kids features mini blocks our future engineers and architects can play and practice with, and their main attraction would be an RC controlled DIY car.


Creadough by Cool Kids is a clay playtoy which brings out our children's imagination and creativity, by molding what they see in their mind. Creadough and Zigo by Cool Kids are also very competitively priced so we parents get affordable and quality toys that enhance our kid's creativity and ingenuity.



Cool Kids, Latitude and toys for toddlers and infant gear by Baby Bliss are all available on the shelves of major department stores nationwide. You should also check out the Cool Kids Website to show our kids the characters behind Cool Kids like Coco and Kimmy and their planet-saving advocacy, as well as check out the new  products that Cool Kids and Latitude has to offer.


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