SM Interior Zone Unveils Inspiring Art and Design with "Home is where the Art is"

We all have dreams of creating our own home and adding in fine design pieces that can relay our own personal story. But wandering into one furniture store usually is not enough. That is the reason why I envy the Northeners, as SM North EDSA has an entire wing dedicated to the art and craft of Interior Design.

SM Interior Zone-

I knew about this when I attended their "Home is Where the ART is" Exhibit, which showcases the works of fine young designers who were part of the Red Box Design Program.

The Red Box Design Program is a program set up to nurture the next generation of Filipino designers. Started in 2013 by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), and with said program, they have cultivated definite Pinoy talent and helped to realize the student's true potentials.

SM Interior Zone-20170224161338

SM Interior Zone-20170224155051

They had 3 talented and experienced young designers who gave a talk to give inspiration to the next batch of designers. Be it Interior Designing or Fashion and Jewelry, Red Box Design Program helps out to cultivate this.

The speakers were: Red Box Design Talent 2015 grand winner for home, Jim Torres , who showcased his "Escapade" collection at the ICFF 2016 in New York, USA and at the Red Box Showcase in Manila Fame in April 2016.  He is a graduate of UST.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]SM Interior Zone-20170224161633 Jim Torres, Micki Olaguer and Viktoria Laguyo[/caption]


SM Interior Zone-20170224155608

Micki Olaguer, is the grand winner for Fashion Apparel, featured her mother of pearl and gold and silver jewelry in the fashion Utopias: International Fashion Showcase in London. She explained that design has helped her to see the world and with it, cultivated her way on how to design and what direction she really wanted to take. Unlike her colleagues who focused on metal and natural furniture designing, she has found her calling with Jewelry and pearls.

On the other hand, Viktoria Laguyo is one of the 14 finalists of the RBDP who collaborated with Obra Cebuana. Her themes and inspiration for creating and designing furniture comes from her background in Ballet dancing and in using indigenous materials to promote the Philippines. Here you can see her Pirouette Furniture Collection which is Rattan in encompassing circles, based on the said dance step which goes round and round.

SM Interior Zone-1-10

SM Interior Zone-1-11

SM Interior Zone-1-13

Her Tulle lap collection design on the other hand is based with the materials Ballet Dancers use as costume, the fluffy, open fabric that is on the dancer's waist.

SM Interior Zone-20170224163640

More pieces by upcoming Industrial Design students of Mapua and Benilde were also on display at SM Interior Zone.
SM Interior Zone-1-6

SM Interior Zone-1-9

SM Interior Zone-20170224164930

SM Interior Zone-20170224164901

SM Interior Zone-20170224165321

SM Interior Zone-20170224165506

SM Interior Zone-20170224165617

SM Interior Zone-1-23

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The exhibit will run from February 24 to March 24, so go on to SM Interior Zone in SM North EDSA and get inspired! :D



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