The NIX Stop: Kids train to be Ninjas at the Ninja Academy in Las Piñas



So last week my whole family went to Ninja Academy for a day of fun. My daughter and son saw a few videos in youtube and facebook of these guys doing extreme stunts and parkour or freerunning (which are different sides of the coin by the way), and of course, as I saw their interest, I know there is only one 'safe' place that my chikitings can try this out- Ninja Academy.


From my last lessons here, Roby of Ninja Academy explained to us that Parkour is really just normal body movement- running, jumping climbing, hence anyone can do it. For my first impressions on Parkour and Ninja Academy click here.


EVEN KIDS. After all, it is what they do. IF they are not glued to a tablet/iPad of some sort that is. hehehe...




Here's a short video of my kids' experience at the said gym:

and here is the vlog :D

They have a kid's workshop which is worth 4200 Php for 9 sessions complete with uniform. Personally, what I love about this gym the most is the fact that the kids are at their element here, and they can enhance what they usually do. With more practice, I'm pretty sure they can have their own flow and do this as well:

In the video by the way is Lucho Agoncillo (Judy Ann Santos' son)

More about their classes below:

  • Kid's Workshop :Regular weekly workshop: Every Saturday, 10am to 12 noon.
    Special Summer workshop: April 27, (MWF Sked) 10am to 12noon

  • Gauntlet Class:
    Ninja Academy’s Signature Class, a 30 minute circuit training + 30 minute obstacle course challenge

  • Kenjutsu Class:
    The Art of Swordsmanship
    Learn from Kenjutsu Philippines every Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays, 7pm to 9pm

  • Tricking :
    A combination of martial arts, gymnastics, break-dancing and capoeira
    Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, 7 to 9 PM

  • PPFA FLOW WORKSHOP 2016 :Learn parkour from one of the pioneering freerunning groups in the country! Next workshop is on April 2, Saturday 3-5pm and Sunday batch, April 3, 10am to 12 noon. Enroll now and also get a FREE PPFA Shirt, Jogging Pants plus a Certificate to make things really legit! Sign up here.

Personally, I really liked how coach Kit handled my kids and I'm very sure that once classes are over, I'm signing up Jenae to freerunning classes on the regular.


I find their rates to be affordable, and besides, where else can you safely practice your stunts, especially if you are new to the whole Parkour thing? Also, if you can't handle the whole 'uy may akyat bahay oh!' attention, you can just go here. hahahaha! JK. ;)

They have a membership rate of 3500Php monthly, and with this you can get unlimited use of facility, and 3 of their classes, the Gauntlet, Kenjutsu and Above the Bar are also free of charge. Coaching rates are also at 350Php per hour if you are a member. :D

And not only that, I know that the whole family Jobert, me, Rafael and Jenae are definitely taking this as our sport / exercise. :D


See you there!

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  1. This is so cool! A ninja academy for kids. I love it. So great that you brought your kids there. I would have loved that as a kid. The vlog is great, he's doing well. Wow, really brave. I was way more scared when I was young. But this would have been a great exercise. Love the initiative.