Feel the Heavens at the 21st Philippine Hot Air Baloon Fiesta

It's the Love month now and what better way to show your loved ones (hindi lang si special someone.. kahit sina mommy, daddy at barkada) you do care by bonding with them?

hot air baloon

The 21st Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is happening tomorrow until the 12th, and here are some reasons why YOU and your FAMILY and FRIENDS should get your tickets now and travel up north to Pampanga!


Ride and watch Hot Air Balloons up in the sky

Experience the thrill of riding a hot air balloon. We don't normally get to experience this, so if you're up for some adventure... GO REACH THE SKIES! Passengers will be right in the launching area while balloons are being inflated, chat with the pilots and take photos. Once the balloons are fully inflated and the weather is conducive to a flight... the ADVENTURE BEGINS!


Balloon Bursting and Formation Flying

Remember the Pixar movie Planes? Or Cars? The ones who fly up high and do Formation Flying, which is the Pilot counterpart of Synchronized Swimming. Witness magic happening up the skies with this, or with balloon bursting!

Balloon Bursting on the other hand is the show where pilots fly a light aircraft over the runway and attempt to burst small, helium-filled balloons released from the ground... Apart from entertaining the crowd, the activity enhances the pilot’s eye and hand coordination skill and sharpens his anticipation and use of aircraft controls. This is a true sight to see, and just imagine the OOHHSS and AAHHHS of your kids and the kids at heart!


Kite Flying

February weather is perfect for kite flying, and hundreds of different colors, shapes, and sizes are often seen dotting the Clark skyline during the fiesta. Bring your own carefully crafted design or choose from the many kites in the fly market, to make sure you make the most of the fiesta’s beautiful weather!


Tandem Paragliding and Skydiving

Experience the excitement of flying high while enjoying unobstructed views through a tandem paragliding flight at the PIHABF! Using a modern paraglider specially made for carrying two persons; you can soar through the skies together with an experienced paraglider!

As for the skydiving, you'll be experiencing what Eggsy had done in Kingsman- FREE FALLING. But you won't be alone-there'll be a skilled skydiver who who will guide you from the dive, through piloting the canopy, and finally the gentle landing. It’s a once in a lifetime thrill you don’t want to miss!

TIP: Tandem Paragliding is the most frugal experience at $150 per person. ;D

Go get your ticket now! I'll see you there at the 21st Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta tomorrow ayt? :D

For more information check this out: 21st PHABF Website


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