The NIX Stop | The 21st Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival and What to Bring


No sleep and on the road since 12 am of February 9th, all just to catch the awesomeness that is the 21st Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. It was all worth it though. The joy and overwhelming sense of awe and amazement at what was unfolding before me was enough, but to get to capture these moments on my iPhone and camera are just priceless.







Most of the photos I took are with my iPhone, because I know that I can easily share them on social media, as well as the point that with Apple products, you can get better and more vivid colors on camera. Another thing was that Power Mac Center and Adam Elements were with us when I went there, and they had this Photo Contest on going. Best photo with matching caption and title wins! :D


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The best reason why it was ok I didn't get sleep? Because thanks to Power Mac Center and Adam Elements, aside from it being my first time, I got to ride a Hot Air Balloon as well. :D


What IS ADAM ELEMENTS you ask? It's the brand that brought us iKlips- this handy on the go device-sans-usb where you can easily transfer your files from one iPhone to another Apple device- even your computer or laptop!

ADAM ELEMENTS iKlips Duo Plus Lifestyle Shot - 003

Adam elements specializes in cables, smart health products, and on-the-go (OTG) iOS storage units that facilitate easy transfer of files between devices.Premier Apple reseller Power Mac Center recently launched its exclusive partnership with Adam elements.


These portable storage devices allow you to view photos and documents, and playback music, TV series, and movies, with AirPlay support. You can use the iKlips Duo and iKlips Duo+ to back up and manage your files effortlessly, making it easy to share photos among friends after an epic trip.

The units have Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube integration as well, and a new Power Sort and Search feature, among others. And since there’s no need for Internet access when transferring files, your data remains safe and secure as it is never sent through third party servers.

ADAM ELEMENTS iKlips Duo Gold - 003



This is the entry that I submitted for the Adam Elements photo contest. :D


A few reminders if you do go to Omni Aviation folks- get ready for the DUST. There's not much pavement, and it can get hot in the day. I also suggest you be there by 4am so as to catch all the moments!

**Things to Bring for the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta **

  • Sunblock

  • hat

  • umbrella

  • water(lots)

  • facemask

  • scarf

  • picnic blanket

  • better if you can bring a tent so you have some shade as well

  • portable emergency electric fan


  • extra money for awesome food in the booths

  • bring your KITES! :D




I didn't win said contest, but I do feel like a winner because the contest was 'pretty awesome' as our photos were placed on display in a gallery, and man, was it SUPER EASY to transfer files from my iPhone to the iPad for the art gallery. :D

I had lots of fun that day, and I really hope that you go on and have your #theNixStop at the 21st PIHABF. :D

#Adamelements #PowerMacCenter #LiftOff

*Updated photos and removed pricelist for Adam Elements January 29, 2020*

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