Get your K-Drama, MMA and Anime Fix on the go with Tribe App

So lately we've seen the rush with Netflix and iFlix, all of which feature great internet series, yes, but what about those who are into Asian Novelas and Anime? What about those who want to watch live streaming of Fight Sports but can't do so in the comforts of their own home? Well ladies and gents, get to enjoy your favorite Asian series on the go with your 'Tribe'. :D


The Tribe app is the latest over-the-top (OTT) video streaming services to hit our shores with a great roster of content that caters to fandoms of different Asian genres.

They are currently in partnership with Globe Telecom, and monthly subscription is really affordable!  Tribe offers a combination of live and on-demand content in the following genres, Korean entertainment, Anime, e-Sports, fight sports, and Asian thrillers.

Tribe features K-entertainment programs from KBS World and tvN and soon, on-demand content from K plus. Also streamed by the app are Anime shows from Aniplus, e-Sports events via eGG channel, and action and Asian Thriller programs from Kix and Thrill channels. K-drama fans will be able to watch dramas such as Hwarang and My Fair Lady. Anime fans get to view the latest anime series such as Drifter and Occultic Nine. They can also catch up on Anime favorites like Erased, Terror in Resonance, and Psycho Pass.

Personally I'm watching the Perfect Insider at the moment, and man does it keep me to the edge of my seat! <3


Upon its Philippine launch, Tribe plans to unlock its highlight categories: K-entertainment, Anime, and e-Sports by spearheading more initiatives that resonate with millennial communities. “More than increasing Tribe’s subscription base, we want to unite fans by providing avenues for interactions. In the coming months, Filipino millennials can definitely expect more engaging activities that help them find their respective tribes,” according to Ryza Dipatuan, Head of Marketing of Tribe Philippines.


Finding your Tribe has never been this easy! Download the app and have access to relevant and quality content, anytime, anywhere. The app is available via Google Play and Apple Store with a 30-day free trial. Users can continue to stream shows after the free trial for a subscription fee of just P69 a month or P30 a week.

For more information on Tribe, please log on to: Join the Tribe on Facebook via and on Twitter and Instagram (@tribe_ph) and #FindYourTribePH.

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