Globe PRISM guides Teachers on digital literacy and how they can use Technology to Up their Teaching Game

Globe PRISM is a professional development program, conducted by Globe Telecom since February 2017. This is focused towards the teachers who will or are molding the minds of our younger generation today- Generation Z.

This immersive bootcamp, personalized coaching and blended project based learning for teachers is specialized for educators all over the country who are teaching the new Media and Information Literacy subject in Senior High as well as English and Social Studies at both K-12 and higher education levels.

PRISM Pampanga, which we got to witness is the fourth leg of the program, with the first three happening in Metro Manila (Mandaluyong), Bicol (Naga), Visayas (Cebu).  The last workshop will be held in Cagayan de Oro, representing Mindanao.  

The teachers are grouped into teams representing the colors of the rainbow, and each had a focus, which was shown in the PRISM Expo. Said expo is the culminating activity for the program.  It showcases the different digital literacy projects the teachers created as part of the workshop.

For example, Blue team is geared towards helping teachers on classroom strategies and teaching performance, with the help of technology today. This is done through multiple video recordings of class which as Ms. Mitch Tapia of Globe had introduced as a great help for those students who are a bit behind say math problems and are too shy to ask once again to their teachers.

Green team is focused on Social Media Etiquette, training teachers on how to impart to kids and guide them on what is proper when it comes to being a netizen.

Or the Orange Team which seemed to be focused on integrating learning with digital games which are sure to stretch the mind of our children today.

We got to ask teachers if they are overwhelmed with their new role of being a guide to learning instead of paving the way, as well as the gadgets and gizmos that kids seem to know more about than us adults, they had mentioned that they are a bit intimidated, but with Globe Prism, they have become more confident and assured that they can be the guide that our children would need today.

"In the past year and a half, we hired many senior high school teachers. We are committed to their professional development, so that they can build students of conscience, competence and compassion. Globe's PRISM is a powerful set of learning tools that helps our teachers guide students in using electronic tools and online information responsibly. Our teachers' training with PRISM not only improves their digital literacy, but also enhances their skills to engage their students."  As per Holy Angel University VP Academic Affairs Dr. Alma S. Espartinez

One of the key components of the program is the Brightspace Integrated Learning Platform, which the teachers got to access the global Brightspace Community and they underwent distance learning for 3 weeks, with multimedia resources for guide and a seamless platform to collab with learning coaches and teachers in real time.

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