MOM Life Hacks to get through the Morning Madness when Preparing for School

I've been a week into the school groove, and this time around I am busier than ever because both Raf and Jenae are now enrolled. While the first and second day was a mess, the next mornings were a breeze because I found some hacks to make the mornings easier. And of course, I'm sharing them to you because every mom, tita or guardian who's prepping their kiddos to school can always use an extra help! :D

First day of school with gardenia pocket sandwich

 gardenia pocket sandwich

  •  CALM Yourself

    Before anything else, when you open your eyes take around 5 minutes of meditation, and center yourself to the upcoming day ahead. I say meditate and not go back to sleep ayt? Setting aside time to relax yourself before the day begins makes you more viable. Less stress equates to more efficient and effective and lets you have more energy to withstand the whole day! 
  • Prepare uniform and double check the kid's bags at night or during weekends

    Especially when it's saturday, I get my kid's uniform along with the undies and sando up on the hangers. One set for every day of the week. So I save time and energy being frantic while looking for clothes. :D
  • Stock up on wax and Headbands

    I have a girl and a boy and fixing up their hair can really take up some time. So what I do is stock up on some wax for Rafael that easily sets and for Jenae, headbands which is easy peasy to wear. Save the braids and pigtails for special occasions. :D

 gardenia pocket sandwich
  • SAVE TIME and ENERGY by grabbing bread for Baon

    Snacktime is easy peasy when you have breads in your arsenal. Say a loaf of white bread and some cheese equates to a 3 minute preparation of snacks, or better yet, grab yourself some of Gardenia's Pocket Sandwich which makes life THAT MUCH EASIER.

     gardenia pocket sandwich

    The great thing with this is not only is it a time saver, but is also really nutritious. Jenae loves the Chocolate Pocket sandwich, while Rafael prefers the Peanut Butter Pocket Sandwich. Both are  pretty rich in Iron and folate, Vitamin A which is essential for eye health and Vitamin B1 which helps release energy from proteins, fats & carbohydrates.

    Best part? it only costs for 15 pesos per sandwich! Pretty economical I might add.

     gardenia pocket sandwich
So there we have it! Hope you try out these hacks I found out while trapezing through life and hopefully they make your life a little bit easier too!


  1. my mom always had a hard time waking my little brother for school...especially on Monday haha... seriously pandrama yung conversation ng mama ko ang my brother because it takes a lot of convincing power to put him in right mood...i guess the baon plays a crucial role to keep the kids motivated haha