L'Oreal Infallible 10HR Longwear Lipstick Review, Price and Swaches

I am up and out with another beauty review! With a whole lot of colors, I have been testing this out for months if it is true to it's 10HR claim. If you wanna know why you should love (or hate) this L'oreal Infallible 10HR Lipsticks, and see the swatches and prices of these babies ,please read on to find out! 

I'm so sorry if I have been MIA the past weeks, I recently got hooked with this Facebook Game called Everwing and it honestly ate up my freetime. Hence no blogs. BUT I will try my best to get my blogging game on.



So for the packaging, it's pretty glossy and is made to follow the Infallible Line's aesthetics. The glossiness should give you an idea though that it is not matte. This is more of a merge between satin and creamy matte... The cap is an indicator of it's color, but personally, the sticker below that states it's name is more closer to the true color of the lipstick.


This is priced at 500 Pesos, and you can get it at Department stores, and sites like Lazada who hold sales of up to 25% off. :D


I don't really wear all shades, but I did swatch it all down below. Longevity wise, it can withstand an extra 3 hours compared to the usual satin lipstick, so we're looking at 7 hours of weartime at most, for the darker colors. The lighter and pinker ones last for around 6. If you ate, it's still the same deal. So it is foodproof but doesn't really last up to 10 hours. :D Also, as it is satin, expect transfer of color with this lipstick. But it's very minimal though and it doesn't look patchy.
Me wearing Ravishing Red
Me trying out Everlasting Plum

BONUS: When I tried Bold Bordeaux

Left to right: Ravishing Red, Refined Ruby, Persistent Plum, Forever Fuchsia, Everlasting Plum

L'Oreal Infallible 10HR Longwear Lipstick in Ravishing Red VS Refined Ruby: 

Although they are in the same shade spectrum, you can see that the L'Oreal Infallible 10H longwear lipstick in Refined Ruby has a deeper and cooler undertone unlike the ravishing red. These two have really itty bitty gold specks which make for an interesting and 3d color effect on the lips.

L'Oreal Infallible 10HR Longwear Lipstick in Persistent Plum VS Everlasting Plum:

Persistent Plum is a brownish red color when swatched on the lips, albeit it looks plum on swatch. I am not really into the brown color for my lipstick though. Everlasting plum is my most used lipstick in my collection, aside from the Color Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick and the L'Oreal Rouge Magique in Mont Blanc. I use this when I feel more daring and for that confidence boost.

L'Oreal Infallible 10 Hour Longwear Lipstick in Forever Fuchsia:

With this one, what you see is what you get. A Fuchsia Pink lipstick guaranteed to make heads turn and it's color is so preppy and girly. Perfect for dates. :D


  • I use Refined Ruby on the outer corners of the lips and the Ravishing red on the inner corners to create a 3D effect and give my lips more volume than usual.
  • If you want them matte, blot with a tissue, reapply, blot again, reapply add 1 ply of tissue over and dust with some translucent powder. :D


I like the reds of this collection, and the purple one, but if I repurchase it would be to try out new colors. :D Price wise, I always wait for a sale in stores or Lazada whenever I buy makeup because I can't imagine myself spending over 500 for a lipstick or any drugstore/department store makeup...


  1. Wow they all look great! They all look really pigmented! All the colors are nice but I think Ravishing red really suits you!

  2. I like using L'oreal lipsticks. I use L'oreal products quite often. Sometimes the mascara. And I have a few lipsticks. I also like the reds in this collection! I'm quite happy when a lipstick lasts for about 6 hours.

  3. My favorite lipstick is a L'oreal product and I've been seeing this set being advertised everywhere. I've been thinking twice whether to buy one or not, but damn this review made me want to. Although it didn't last for 10 hours according to your experience, being foodproof and lasting for 6-7 hours makes it worth to buy.. Maybe I should start to save money na! Haha! Thank you for sharing this with us :)

    Aica B. ♡ www.aicabatoon.com