How I survived TOYCON 2017 ~Tips, Tricks and Hacks for your next #ToyConPopLifeFanX Experience!

I have always been a kid at heart. Even at the age of 24, (EEP! ALAM NINYO ANG SIKRETO KO!) I still find myself attraced to Hot wheels, action figures of my fave anime characters and of course, the Marvel Universe.

Azrael "Starlord" Colladilla gracing the stage for the Cosplay Contest Finale!

Anyways... Here are some of the things to expect as well as some tips and tricks when coming in and being a first timer to attend TOY CON!

  • Shopping for toys should be done on first or second day, casue there's less people, and you can roam free without much worries unlike the third day which is packed full.. But if you wanna see more cosplayers then go ahead for the last day. :D 
  • The first and second day is also ideal if you're bringing kids because you're sure you can handle them + oogling at all the display of toys that you might wanna buy. Also, don't forget to bring lots of cash cause there are a lot of GREAT and AWESOME DEALS at Toycon. I saw Azrael's video where in his son got Legos for around 20 pesos and up as a sale! LEGO PEOPLE!   ..
    Pop Life Exhibit!
  • BRING A WATCH. Check out the schedule of activities and try to prioritize. With meet and greet with celebrities and youtubers and competitions happening at the same time you might miss something that you don't wanna miss. Unfortunately, we can't clone ourselves into 5 or more... so it's best to manage yout time and be prepared..
    Youtubers and cosplayers gracing the Creator's Stage and explaining some tips and tricks for youtube and the online Industry
    With ToyCon x PopLife International Guests!
  • You can hang out outside the meet and greet area to get a snapshot of your fave international celeb. But if you wanna talk with them... Get yourself a vip pass. There's toys incuded in the package that is WELL WORTH EVERYTHING.  hahahaha
  • Some celebrities are just hanging around and chilling. don't be intimidated and talk a bit with them if you get the chance. They don't bite :p

Got a chance to have a snapshot of the coolest character in Teen Titans- Greg Cipes as Beast Boy
Carla Perez as Rita Repulsa of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers tv series

I really enjoyed hanging out the 3 days of ToyCon 2017, and I'm looking forward to the next! For sure my cosplay will be better and more awesome by next year! :p

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