Reasons why the LTFRB HAD to fine Grab and Uber

I'm not much of a taxi person, especially when I commute. I would go for the cheapest route of Jeep, Trains or Trikes just to be frugal. There are other things that I can use for my possible 100-300 pesos taxi trip, depending on the state of traffic. If I NEED to arrive in style, I try to convince my husband why he needs to drive me from point a to point b. (Take note: Need okay, not want.) Wanna know what I say to him?

  1. I'm wearing this special formal dress only to be seen walking in the streets of Baclaran? 
  2. Ride the MRT/LRT/PNR in heels? On rush hour?
  3. I would be late and you're going the same way.
  4. It's really late. Please pick me up at*** cause I can't walk in dark streets like this. 
  5.  Invite 10 possible bad things that can happen today to a woman, not limited to catcalling, kidnapping and rape?

I would like to point out though that I also have my fair share of taxi rides. Hence  we don't really need Grab and Uber. Why?


  •  If you like waiting for long hours for your taxi, especially in dark streets.... Go ahead. No judge.
  • If you're into choosy guys, girls... Or drivers... Then a taxi is perfect for you. Cause they would refuse passengers if it is not convenient for them, or if it is supposedly out of their way.
  • Love giving tips for no reason at all? Go ahead and ride a freaking taxi! Cause usually, taxis would ask for a compulsory tip. Sometimes before, usually after the trip. "Sir/Ma'am, pa dagdag naman po ng 50" Most of the time, if you pay 200 or 1000 for a 120 to 150 ride, they won't give you change. Or they'll give you only 800 pesos. Like the guy in this story here. Tip na lang daw yun.
  • If you're like Dory with your short term memory loss... then a taxi would be VERY SAFE.. Cause you would have most likely even forgotten that you lost something/left something in their car.  Asa ka pa na maibalik yun sayo. You're so lucky if it even got back to you.

Kidding aside...

I never felt secure with taxis especially when we're talking about Metro Manila. I digress when talking about other cities in the PH though because I haven't encountered as much bad things happening with taxis in other places in the Philippines. But in Manila.... Well...

Walking around in dark streets, hopefully waiting for a taxi ride only to be refused is not safe. Also, with my experience, I feel like I am inviting possible bad things that can happen to a woman such as myself, as I said above, not limited to catcalling, kidnapping and rape.

These are the reasons why I feel more secure with Grab and Uber.

Because you have an idea on how much you're paying for before you ride.
Because there is accountability. You can see the person who's gonna drive you around town, and you can send his or her face to your friends and family.
You can give reivews and complaints if something untoward happens to you.
Or you can easily ask your driver if you lost something in their car. Cause you can contact them in a snap unlike taxis.


LTFRB has stated that they will fine Uber and Grab 5 Million for the sole reason of "OPERATING WITHOUT A PERMIT."

Of course everyone goes ballistic. But upon looking at the real case here...The point is that LTFRB STOPPED giving these permits altogether. I can't express my thoughts about this in english because of strong emotions so...

Nananadya talaga ang mga lintek. Gusto ninyo rin na maka under the table siguro ang mga matitinong companies na to no? Letche kayo.

How can Grab and Uber even try to complete said requirements when you yourselves did not even give them a chance.

If only LTFRB would fix what is broken. Like our Trains. Our Buses. Our Jeepneys.(loving P2P by the way. It's a good start) Or maybe you can actually try to freaking regulate the taxis properly and make sure that said drivers have proper ettiquete at the very least of not being choosy when you tell your destination.

Good luck handling the heat of the People of the Philippines with your latest blunder. I definitely am giving you a bit of my hell for this. Just when I was starting to feel safe riding/commuting on my own, you do this bullshit?

PS: These are my opinions. Pretty sure though that I am not alone with these thoughts. The commuting public is on the side of progress. So get it together LTFRB.


  1. I had been using Grab for more than a year now. In fact, I think ride sharing is one of the best things that can happen in the transport industry. There is no comparison between Grab/Uber and taxis for they are different models. What is becoming an issue is that we do not have laws for the new trend. Hopefully, the congress and the senate and act on it as soon as possible.

  2. Using Grab or Uber has been one of the great comforts for commuters. I first experienced it when I visited Indonesia with my boyfriend.We did not have to worry about getting to a particular place because Grab drivers can take us there with no hassle at all. When it comes to safety issues, there is no doubt passengers are safe with Grab and Uber. It is just very frustrating about the suspension made by LTFRB when it comes to Grab and Uber.