Timezone Got a Legit Bowling Alley Upgrade!

Best way to spend sundays would be to have the whole family up, about and playing! Especially on days where adulting / life has become too much to handle, sometimes all we need is to release our inner kid once in a while.

Opening of the Newest Timezone in Ayala Vertis North
My whole family, from my mom and dad to my own kids usually frequent Timezone here in the south, but it would seem that I'll be making them go up north soon, to the newly opened Timezone in Ayala Vertis North.

Why we love timezone and what's cooking up north you ask?

  • The Convenient Card System

You don't have to worry about lugging in a LOT of tokens in your pockets to play any game because all you would need is to load up your Timezone Card and swipe in the game, much like a prepaid credit card. And the best part is that you can use it in any branch you like. :D

This one is my mom's platinum card. It's been with her for around 4 years now... :p
If you happen to surpass a certain number of points... (I think it was around 10k for my mom?) You can have the chance to get yourself a Platinum Card like this one. Yep. I told you my family is crazy for Timezone. :D


  • Mini Bowling Alley


Yeah, you read it right. Timezone in Ayala Vertis North has a mini Bowling alley, complete with pins and bowling balls that are just the right weight for a kid, teen or an adult to enjoy. I've tested this one out and MAN is it so much fun! It's also fully equipped with a lounge and some sofas where you can place your bags on. Also, a game costs for 150 Php, and the best part is that you don't have to worry about shoe rentals and what not. Also, upon trying out the balls, I'm pretty sure your 5 year old can enjoy this game too.

  • The GAMES.

Pacman game for up to 4 persons!

Racing is always awesome!
 I love the fact that there are classics like Arcade games(tekken mostly) and they also rearrange some games and add new things once in a while. I frequent the Glorietta and Greenbelt 3 Branch lately and I noticed that they put in a new Pacman Game for the barkada. The best thing with their games is that you're sure the whole family can enjoy. From Time Crisis, updated versions of Just Dance, Crane Games to The Walking Dead, there's really a little something for everybody.



Look at all the prizes! They're easy to win with timezone tickets! You can also exchange a drink or food for points!

An added bonus is that Timezone Philippines considered the Pinoy Love for Videoke and their booths where you can belt out your tunes are really state of the art! The sound system was also pretty wonderful... And you're sure to have an awesome time here with friends just like we had!

You're sure to have a wonderful time with Friends and Family at Timezone, so if you're looking forward to a break from adulting... Release your inner kid at Timezone soon!

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