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Hungry. I think its become my middle name as of late. I always am up for some good food, and one time last September my guy had me spinning because I had no idea where the hell we are going. But I explicitly trust him and he said that I was gonna love the place so why not? I just went along... Lo and Behold! I found a gem in the heart of Malate.

The Shipyard in Malate is a mini Food Park, which serves pulutan food and hang over food alongside beers and cocktails. Let's dive right in to the food yeah?

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This is their Crispy Chicken Sisig (200Php), which is a winner because this is where all that damn yummy chicken skin is at. Crispy and spicy and everything is right with the world with this. They also serve the usual Sisig pulutan fare but I haven't tried it out yet.

Did you know that the origins of sisig actually came from the old tagalog word "sisigan", which means to make it sour. Well, it sure has evolved so that people from all dishes of life can enjoy it. The usual suspect is acutally made of pig's head and other stuff, but for those who can't eat pig due to various reasons this is a great replacement. :D

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Tenders and Fries (178 Php) is a nice pulutan dish that's served best for 2 people. The chicken is crispy and yet surprisingly moist inside and is brimming with flavor. Fries are pretty okay as well but I prefer my fries to be dipped and not soaked in the dip :p

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I have tasted the best fried chicken in Cebu, (more about Sunburst here) and I am on the look out for something that might trump it or at least be at par with here in Manila. Hindi ko naman kaya na lumipad ng Cebu lagi just to get fried Chicken. hahahaha... Anyways, The Shipyard's Chicken (157Php) is pretty okay, with a solid 3rd ranking for me.. Sunburst being first and KFC/Jollibee for 2nd. :D

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This one is their Chicken Diner Wrap (120 Php)...  Which is basically Chicken Shawarma with the works and fries. For some reason, any food you add in with fries turns out to be really phenominal...  And their mayonaise or whatever is that white sauce you add in to your shawarma is really really good...  :D

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Foodparks made a recent comeback this 2016-2017. I say comeback because this theme of having trailers transformed into mini kitchens where you can get some beer and grub has actually been around for some time already along the streets of Manila. Remember that time when Roxas Blvd was THE BOMB and because of all the people partying there, eating and drinking to their heart's content.. And the traffic was unbearable? Yeah. All I remember from then though were the long hours that I was in the confines of my dad's car trying to see what are the weird looking bars that everyone likes... Something akin to the design of foodparks today- minus the dancing.

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All of their food are best paired with some beer on the side and the whole barkada to share with. Good times are guaranteed when you dine here at The Shipyard in Malate. At least I had a wonderful time and I hope you'll have a blast too :).

UPDATE: The Shipyard is now turned into a new building. From what I heared, they've relocated and renamed themselves into another food park around Remedios, before pandemic hit. Hope they reopen soon. Keeping this up because memories. :)

If you want to try out another restaurant near the place, you can check out: Fantastic Chef. 


  1. Everything looks so delicious. I can't decide what looks best of all.

  2. I feel hungry reading this post! Haha! I would love to try their food actually when I will find the time to visit Manila again!

    Thanks for sharing and oh I love Chicken Wraps too!

    Nanay Kikay

  3. Wow, this is a great place! Definitely eyeing that chicken sisig, though. I think I've tried quite a variety of sisig, but chicken - I think I haven't yet! Haha. Also, agree with you on Sunburst's chicken!! Yaaas! If you like hot chicken wings, I'd also recommend Gibb's! ;)

    Mimi | Chasing Bleu

  4. Food looks sumptuous and inviting. Its aalread making me hungry :P Nice post. happy eating and enjoy blogging about it :)