Affordable and YUMMY Food Trip: Ka Tony's Grill House in Las Piñas


The area around the famous St. Joseph Church of Las Pinas, which houses the hundred year old Bamboo Organ is slowly but surely bustling. There are now around 3 or 5 mini restaurants that can be seen around the place. One of them is Ka Tony's Grill, a couple of blocks away from said church.

I'll start things first with the food before anything else.

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They have a variety of silogs to choose from and as I love bagnet I decided to try their Bagnetsilog out for my first dish. I loved that it has that pork flavor still, the skin's as crispy as chicharon and that garlic rice? DAMN, love at first bite. Rating this one a 4.5 out of 5 for me :)

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Tapsilog is the next one that I tried out when we went back here. I think my favorite Maty's has new legit competition because I really loved how garlicky it is and it reminded me of the tapa that my mom used to make and fry out for us during breakfasts. I'd rate it a 4 out of 5. Not bad, Ka Tony's. Not bad at all :D

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This one is an original Ka Tony's concoction, the Bravo Rice. I like to think of it as a deconstructed Togeng Lumpia with rice. It's flavored savory and slightly sweet, with some toge and fried lumpia wrapper. Surprisingly I love this with some of their other ulams like sisig or Sinuglaw (see below).

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Sinuglaw (n.) The marriage of two cooking styles in one dish, namely Sinugba(grilling) and Kinilaw(cooking in vinegar)

What makes Ka Tony's Sinuglaw stand out from the rest is not just with their bagnet, but also with what they use to make this baby- Sukang Iloco. I found out that their chef is a native of the province of Ilocos hence it's what they use for their dippings or the sinuglaw. My soul melted from satisfaction when I tasted this- it really is to die for!

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They also serve Chicken Wings for around a hundred plus pesos, and they have 3 flavors. This one is the spicy variant and it's got a mild spice that made me want more for some reason... I think there's also BBQ and Garlic flavor available :D

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You can also order usual Pinoy inihaw street food like isaw (chicken intestines), betamax(dugo) and hotdogs for the kiddos, all at a REALLY AFFORDABLE price. All the stuff that they serve don't go over the 250 pesos mark, and the one that is priced at around 200+ pesos is actually good enough for a barkada!

This place is a no brainer for me whenever I need a quick pick me up of pinky breakfast silogs in the wee hours of the night. A perfect place to chill with friends and some beer, and their specialties border on the usual pulutan fare. Food is great, ambiance is totally their own, combining hipster themes with minimalist attitude, and their music choice? It's like I'm back in the late 90's early 2000's vibes which is another reason why I frequent the place.

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Ka Tony's Grill is open during nights by the way, around 6 ish onwards :D I'm pretty sure there'll be more to this resto later because the grand opening will prolly be at march 😁

UPDATE: Ka Tony's has always been one of the best tambayan-resto that I got to try out. Sadly, they closed up shop a couple of months before pandemic hit. Keeping this up for the memories.

If you're looking for another restaurant to try near Bamboo Organ Church, check out my review on Momento Cafe.

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