Happy Moments at Momento Coffee Bar in Bamboo Organ Church Las Pinas

St. Joseph Parish or Bamboo Organ Church here in Las Pinas is quite known for its rich history. It is known to house the grand, well restored bamboo organ made in 1824 by Father Diego Cera. And said organ still plays to this day.

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But I'll be talking more about Momento Coffee Bar, the new cafe that's sitting in front of said church.

Momento Coffee Bar

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I was really excited when I saw this one brewing as I walked on the street. And when they opened at first, all they had was coffee. But then I guess they started to expand and now they have milk tea, coffee of different kinds and pastries.While I am sad that they don't support local yet, they have arabica beans from Indonesia.
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Their milk tea (120 Php)  uses a strong but slightly floral tea, which is brewed unlike other milk tea stores which only uses powders instead of actual tea. Pearls were a bit soggy but on my second try they adjusted it to a chewier, al dente' ish texture which I love.

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Their Toasted Marshmallow Coffee Jelly (175 Php) is a must try for me if you're into coffee. They usually use two shots of espresso though so make sure to ask for your preferred  no. of espresso shot. Pichi here only had one and that's why it's perfect for him, not too bitter and perfect sweetness.

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They also have some pastries available. I highly recommend the blueberry cheesecake (120 Php I think?). Their chocolate cheesecake bars (80 Php) are really fudgy but is not too sweet. They have cookies as well to satisfy  the sweet cravings of yours or your kids'.

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We also got to try their chocolate drink which is closer to a chocolate tablea drink than those choco drinks overdosed with sugar in tetra packs. You can adjust the sweetness as they also have this sugar syrup thing which you can add to your drinks.
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The place gives their customers a choice to be eco-friendly as metal straws are available but you can also opt to use plastic ones.
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Price wise, they vary from 80 pesos above to their pastries and drinks cost a minimum of 100 pesos. But they do offer student discounts on certain days of the week, you just gotta have your ID with you.

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momento las pinas (23 of 27) We went there on two seperate occasions, one of which was because there was a brown out in our home. The place is really fresh and airy, not just due to the aircon but because of the ambiance, which was an all white room filled with brown and black accents. They also have a second floor and a veranda if you're a smoker.

Over all I am really happy that finally, there's a decent coffee shop near Bamboo Organ Church. I have no more need to go to BF aguirre just to satisfy my cafe pastry cravings.

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Momento Coffee Bar 

123 P. Diego Cera Ave., Poblacion,
Las PiƱas

SUN-Thurs: 10 AM-10PM

Fri-Sat: 12PM-12AM 

Momento Facebook Page

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