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Weather you are a breadwinner of your family or you're the mom who always want to give the best for your kiddos and partner, you know it is impossible to give something that is not within you. Oftentimes though, we tend to neglect our selves because we always give so much for our respective families. What I've learned with almost 9 years of parenting though, is that:

Health Equates to Happiness for the family

While I did receive a wellness package from Watsons Philippines a couple of weeks ago, I've already been frequenting their stores for my family's daily health needs like Celin with Zinc Multivitamins, Propan, my personal stash of Berocca and other first aide kit essentials like alcohol and Betadine to name a few.

On Looking Good and Feeling Great with Watsons

Watsons definitely has most of what I need, especially in an emergency situation in the middle of the night. And they also have their own beauty range, Naturals which comprises of organic shampoos, conditioners, teas and make up!
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I used the virgin coconut oil included in the kit as an emergency substitute to betadine, when I got really stupid and fell down the road, scraping my knees. Really handy and that VCO has a LOT of uses!

If you're wanting to shed a few pounds, you can partner your yoga sessions or zumba time with some Acai Berry supplements for that added antioxidant boost that our body needs when exercising.
Being healthy inside is what ultimately helps me maintain a beautiful physique and the proper mental disposition that every mom needs. Cause we all know that we get a little crazy with life sometimes, and we moms need a little self care to help us care for the whole fam. And Watson's is there with us to keep the family happy and healthy, every step of the way.

Check out the nearest Watson's branch near you and share your wellness journey with me!

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