Trying out The Alley Milk Tea at SM MOA

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So I tried The Alley Milk Tea first at our second Hong Kong trip a couple of months ago. I really loved their classic milk tea but I was not expecting to find this milk tea here in Manila. Anyways I tried their classic once more just to compare if there's any difference. Pichi on the other hand is still on the search for his drink.

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The Alley is located in the SM MOA Main mall, ground floor, near Mango.

You see, he likes the Brown Sugar Milk Tea thing but he has not found a size small enough to finish by himself. So here's our verdict:

He got the brown Sugar with deerioca milk which costs 120 Pesos for a usual medium cup. The taste is not straight brown sugar though unlike other stores. Its got a more of a salted caramel aftertaste too. Just the right sweetness too. And if you love pearls I noticed that they put in quite a lot.

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As for The Alley Milk Tea that I got it pretty much is the same as the one I had in HK, except for some reason, the milk they use in Hong Kong is tastier and creamier than the one here. Also, the tea here is a lot nicer than the other shops we have, as they actually brew things and not use powders to flavor their drink.

All in all definitely more tasty in my opinion.

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If you are in need of variety they also have Cocoa Brown Sugar and Matcha Brown Sugar available. And I hear that their Royal Milk Tea has a very flowery scent to it.
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There's also a place to sit and wait while your tea is brewing. Its really nice and a comfy place to sit with friends or family while sipping your milk teas.

I saw once though that the lines can be long here. That's the only downside I can see to this place. And if you're into large milk teas then I don't think you'll be happy as they only have one size. For me though, this one size is perfect as I am trying to curb my milk tea addiction. An yes, it is an addiction and I'll be talking more about that later in this blog.
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