Quick, Easy, Affordalicious Meals with Iya and Drew Arellano at Home Foodie Season 5

Home Foodie Season 5 with Iya Villania and Drew Arellano

Ready your aprons and your appetites! Home Foodie comes back for Season 5 with real life couple Drew Arellano and Iya Villania! And of course the gang is not complete without our San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie Chefs - Yen, Martin and John.

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Affordalicious and Madalicious

Home Foodie is a show that helps out the foodies who want to learn new, fast and easy recipes. Or for those who are cooking enthusiasts and in need of some inspiration. Iya, Drew and the gang come up with resto-inspired  recipies and classics with twists. It also innovates and cuts our prep time with new and level up ideas, easy-to- prepare as well as budget-friendly recipes.

Home Foodie Season 5 with Iya Villania and Drew Arellano
Judging by how this 4- Ingredient and 2 step yummy chocolate treat was made, they definitely nailed #Affordalicious and #Madalicious! Get the recipe when you watch season 5 of Home Foodies!

New Sights and New Tastes!

To spice things up, our chefs brought their kitchen out to other locations. Some of the cooking demos are done on location with a refreshing view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges as the kitchen backdrop. Ka-Home Foodies are also invited to the remote kitchen to watch the cooking demos and try the featured dishes.

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This sisig rice is easier to prep with monterey's ready to cook sisig. And it's TASTIER than your usual fried rice :D Learn the recipe at Home Foodies Season 5!

The show engages their viewers more as you will find Drew out on the streets personally asking their Ka-Home Foodie community on recipe ideas, needs and other questions that the viewers need to be addressed.

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Iya's take on Kitchen Fails

The couple Drew and Iya was asked at the conference on their kitchen fails and if they just went on with it and said it tasted great. Drew was actually already great in the kitchen, as said by Iya.

Home Foodie Season 5 with Iya Villania and Drew Arellano
"When it comes to steaks, that's Drew's area (of expertise). When it comes to desserts, that's my area. And when it comes to failed recipes, that's also my area." says Iya. "And I really don't mind kapag minsan may nasasayang na pagkain because the kitchen and cooking is a learning process for me. I'm not a natural chef... and if it doesn't work out I use that as an opportunity to teach my son that it's okay to fail as you can always try again."

 "It may be a failed recipe but it's a win in terms of trying to teach my son another value."- Iya Villania Arellano

Its okay to try new recipes and if it doesn't taste good you learn from that experience. But of course, that's what Home Foodie is here for- to lessen your kitchen fails with their fool proof beginner recipes and to challenge you as you improve with their intermediate recipes.

PS: That Sisig Rice and Chicken and Mussels Paella fall somewhere in between those. And yes, they are truly delicious!

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Join Drew and lya, as they cook various Madalicious and Affordalicious meals for their growing family, together with the San Miguel Culinary Center Celebrity Chefs - Llena Tan-Arcenas, Martin
Narisma and John Valley in Home Foodie Season 5.

Home Foodie season 5 will be aired on GMA 7, beginning June 10, 2019, from Monday to Friday, after Unang Hirit.

Home Foodie episodes can also be enjoyed online through their site homefoodie.com, YouTube (Home Foodie), Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts
(Home Foodie ph).

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