Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino in Promenade Greenhills Review

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Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino is already a crowd favorite for 10 years by many pinoys. They originally have a restaurant in Connecticut but they opened a branch in Promenade, Greenhills to cater to the influx of people coming in the first branch.

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Serving classic filipino dishes like Kare Kareng Bagnet, Crispy Dinuguan, and Kaldereta, Casa Reyes has upped their game by having a bit of fusion and experimentation. Kaldereta and Mechado became Wagyu Beef Kaldereta and it really is a melt in your mouth experience.

Casa Reyes Bistro Ambiance

I felt like I was whisked to an ancestral home, with all the wood and lamparas.

inside casa reyes promenade The place definitely brings one to their roots as it is very homey. I felt like I was whisked to an ancestral home, with all the wood, the lamparas and the comics that adorned the walls. The tables have a built in place for your bag as the legs are refurbished sewing machines. Yes, the old singer ones that your lola used to repair your torn clothes on.

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There is a 2nd floor which can also serve as a place for events or meetings.

Casa Reyes Bistro Food and Price

Before anything else, I'll be giving my top favorite dishes from Casa Reyes:

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The bagnet is so crispy outside and really tender and flavorful inside. And that laing is cooked nicely, much like something from Bicol because it is full of coconut milk. It is not spicy but you can opt to do so if you mix the chilis. I will definitely order the laing ala carte, as well.

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This is their Bulalo, and same for their lechon sinigang it is packed full of flavor. I think you can order extra soup. And the serving is good for 4 people.

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If you're a fan of fish you will love this lapu lapu in mango sauce. It was such a blockbuster in our group that it was gone in a flash and I did not get to even taste it. If that does not spell delicious to you I don't know what does.

PS: My co bloggers who got to taste it said there was a bit of sweet and tangy sauce helping the dish. 

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This is an elevated form of sisig as they used lechon as the primary meat. There is something else that I cant pin point, but as it is sisig it is always yummy. 😊
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The food overall is really tasty. Some dishes like the Crispy Dinuguan (Crispy Pork Blood Stew) has that signature Kapampangan reigon taste. I think it is due to the fact that the first generation of Casa Reyes recipes 10 years ago was made by a kapampangan.

I honestly did not find any downside to any dish, except for the fact that some dishes with sauce like the caldereta are a little bit too oily in my opinion. But that is just a preference thing I guess.

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Sirracha Tomahawk BBQ Chops
Others however are more obvious fusion food like the Wagyu Mechado, Sirracha Tomahawk BBQ Chops. All are equally delicious dishes that melt in your mouth.

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And while their price is a bit above average for some of their dishes, you are definitely paying for the great quality of food as well. The price average at 400 to 600 pesos per dish. For the ones that have rice included and their breakfast sets, they are priced at 350 pesos onwards.

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I would certainly add 50 pesos or so if it means I get to taste a dish so good that it reminds me of home.

PS: They have no service charge.

Pinoy Dessert Flavors with a twist

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While they have classic desserts like halo halo and suman, you can see their creatives with their desserts. My all time favorite desserts are rolled into one with their Cheesecake Bibingka which is really creamy, and is truly the best of both worlds. They also added twists to their gelato flavors. Gelato is generally more creamy and more flavor intense than ice cream. And they injected your  childhood favorites like Chocnut at Flatops, Ube Halaya at Keso, and Mangga at Suman to name a few.
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Above is their Gelato Float with pearls.

My favorites from the gelato is the Dark Tablea with Sea Salt and Keso at Pastillas. The Dark Tablea has a dark chocolate taste to it, and the one with Pastillas has a salty and sweet balance. If you're not into overly sweet things then this is definitely for you.


The place is perfect for intimate family lunches and dinners, but they are more than that. They also have a variety of things like:

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  • Breakfast plates with free fruit and unlimited coffee
  • Deliveries
  • In-House Catering
  • Promos for those who want to chill with some SUB ZERO BEER
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Have you dined here? What dish or gelato flavor are you most excited to try? Lemme know down below in the comments!

Casa Reyes Filipino Bistro

Second Floor, Promenade, 

Greenhills Shopping Centre,

Greenhills, San Juan City

Mon-Thu 11 AM-10PM

Fri 11 AM- 11PM

Sat 10AM-11PM

Sun 10AM-10PM

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