Better Solutions and Innovations with Sharp Philippines for the everyday Pinoy

A TV that can give you a full, immersive experience? An auto cooking pot for healthier meal preps? Sharp Philippines Corporation made it possible for us all, and the bonus is that their latest products are competitive, innovative and priced for the filipino market.

An Immersive Experience with Aquos 8K LED TV

Sharp started its quest for 8K in 2009, and they finally have perfected their 2nd gneration of 8K TV, the 8T-C80/70/60AX1. You can know more about the details here.
This advanced technology brings he 8K AI Revelation engine which analyzes your netflix or other movie content and converts it into 8K picture quality, with 4x more detail than the usual 4K tv sets. This results in more crisp, less pixelated and more immersive movie viewing. It has SHARP's original panel with IGZO, an extremely high resolution with around 33 million pixels, delivering crystal clear images.

Sharp's gift to Audiophiles with the AQUOS Sound Partner


Sharp also gives us a better and more affordable alternative  with their new Aquos Sound Partner. It gives people the convenience of an "ear-free" and hassle free personal audio as you don't need to plug it in your ears.They have two styles, one is the SS1 which I hear retails for around 7000 Pesos, give or take and the SX7 which is bigger for a more immersive listening experience and will be available to the market by September 2019.

This is nice if you are out on the street, in your car or at home and you still need to pay attention to your surroundings but you also want to listen to your music.

PS: It gives me instant life music video vibes when I got the chance to use it HAHAHA


Health and Home with Healsio and RACTIVEAir Vaccum

IMG20190702111813 In Health and Home, we get a couple of innovations in the form of the Healsio Hot Cook, which gives us a better way to prep for our food without the usual frying with fats. Together with the vaccum blender, these items help us retain the vitamins in our food which results in healthier family dinners.

We also got to see a very compact cleaner- the RACTIVEAir Cordless Vaccum Cleaner which is really compact but also very powerful when it comes to cleaning. There is also the AloT J-Tech inverter, and PCI, which are recommended for homes, but also in hospitals, schools, offices and other industry.


Sharp also has a new line up for hair beauty tools, one of which is a hair blower, curler and styler in one. It also has Hair Irons, Blowers, Curling Irons and a scalp massager which features Plasmacluster, lessening static and dirt to our hair, which also prevents hair damage.


I am definitely excited for the release of these products soon in the Philippines, most especially the ultimate hands free earphones and that Healsio Hot Cook which can definitely help me with a better and healthier meal prep. What's taken your interest in these Sharp products? Comment and let me know!

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