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bobble v.  If a piece of clothing or material bobbles, it develops small balls of threads on its surface. In Tagalog: Himulmol mga dears.

bobble meaning
How old are you when you found out the english for the dreaded himulmol? Me? Today years old. 

When I was young, my mom would always hand wash our clothes, especially those we use for going out. She mentioned that washing machines, hard scrubbing and the very detergents we use make the clothes look older, faster by:
  • color fading
  • shape loss
  • roughness
  • yellowing if our favorite clothes are white and the worst of them all
  • bobbling or pag hihimulmol. 
Comfort Philippines Detergent Fabric Conditioner (30 of 37)


The only way that I know how to combat this and retain the newness of clothes is to wear it less, hence wash it less or not wear it at all. Which is a pretty sad and stupid logic, because the point of investing in clothes anyway is so that we can use them, even more when they are our favorites.

This is my favorite shirt, an original Marvel Trademark Ironman Shirt that I bought last 2017. In an effort to make it stay looking new for longer, I think I only wore this a handful of times these past two years. Even then, I currently can't wear it today for a casual look as it has already shape loss and color fading on the design, which is sad.

Yesterday, Comfort Philippines launched. Comfort Philippines has 2 variants of liquid and care detergent that cater to every dress or shirt that you wear, plus a fabric conditioner to top it all off. It claims to have these two properties which fights the 5 signs of clothes aging.:


Advanced Anti-Aging Technology (in fabric cleaning) which prevents clothes form aging by caring for every fiber in clothing. It also prevents the signs of wear out or himulmol, as well as ash residue that gets deposited into the fabric affecting color vibrancy.

Comfort Philippines Detergent Fabric Conditioner (17 of 37)

Advanced Triple Care Technology (in fabric conditioning) which enhances the beauty of clothes by protecting them from color fading and shape loss, ensuring a softer and smoother feel for clothes.

With that, they gave us these fabric analyzers that zoom in on a cloths' threads so that we can better see its state of wear. There are even comparisons made with a new fabric, one that's washed x20 with (you guessed it) brand X and one washed x20 with Comfort's detergents.

Yes, if you have anti aging in skin care products, we also have it now for our clothes thanks to Comfort Detergents and Fabric Conditioner!

Looking through these lenses and at the fabrics made me excited to use my favorite shirts and coats again. I also can't wait to use it on my denim. Harsh as it may be, I usually wait a minimum of 3 uses before I put my pants in the laundry cause I don't want them to look old ASAP. And that 2 years old Iron Man Shirt that I love to wear now has hope when it gets through the next batch of laundry!

"Comfort is rooted in its purpose of bringing positivity to the world through the power of clothes," says Anne Marianne Tan, Unilever Brand Manager for Premium Laundry. "It offers a full range of products that spans Fabric Cleaning (powder and liquid) to Fabric Conditioning to deliver the best clothes outcome and give the wearer confidence."

Comfort Philippines Detergent Fabric Conditioner (19 of 37)
Rajo Laurel, Daryl Chang and Apples Martin give their thoughts on clothes investments and how Comfort can help us wear our favorite clothes over and over again without any worries.

"Fabric care used to be all about stain removal. But our consumers today demand so much more from their fabric care products. They want to restore that 'love at first wear feeling,'keeping colors vibrant, and clothes free from shape loss, roughness and the signs of usual wear and tear that come with frequent laundering. Comfort is definitely what they are looking for," she adds.

Price and where to buy Comfort Detergent and Fabric Conditioner:

Comfort is now available in leading supermarkets and can be purchased online from Lazada & Shopee. The pricing is actually very close to competing brands. Their introductory price for their 70g sachets is only 10 Php per piece!


Comfort Philippines Detergent Fabric Conditioner (18 of 37) Keep clothes looking new for longer with Comfort Philippines. Check them out on FB and IG at @comfortphilippines today!

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  1. This is definitely an innovative idea which makes it stand out from the other brands in the market. Would definitely want my clothes looking new every time I put them on. Will try this on my next load of laundry!

  2. Oh wow! This is so nice especially for people like me who are certified outfit repeaters. This will give me a lot of savings too. Imagine anti aging NG clothes ang galing. Perfect. Thanks for the new vocabulary that I learned also "bobbling". I love this

  3. Hey! I've always found the "wear and tear" problem in clothes troublesome and sad. :((

    I'd love to try the anti-aging type of fabcon next time I do my laundry. :)

  4. It's my first time to hear about Comfort Fabcon. Being a minimalist, I have few clothes and I make sure that they are in well condition. I should try Comfort fabcon too!

  5. Wow, may English pala yun?? Haha. Akala ko Tagalog word lang yun. Anyway, we do use fabcon sa clothes namin (except baby's) because, well, it smells fresh. Parang first time ko rin marinig tong brand na to but it's worth a try pag mura.

  6. Cool! Would love to try this brand on our clothes too!

  7. Bobble pala yon! I hate it when my clothes has bobble aka himulmol 😂 gunugupit ko yon dati. Im glad that there's a product that can prevent himulmol..thanks for this info.

  8. I am a huge fan of fabric conditioner,maybe I'll check this.
    BTW, did the Comfort Philippine digital theme just intentionally used this NYC Blogger's picture
    without permission? That's Keiko Lynn! See link of her post

  9. gusto ko ma try to minsan ❤️❤️❤️