On Finding that Perfect Lifetime Partner | Sunlife Kaakbay Campaign

Life can be tough, cruel and unfair. Having someone to share all that and help you overcome the cruelty for a lifetime is a true treasure. My childhood was never all rainbows, as the rains left me scars that I still carry to this day. I never thought though that I would find someone who can see through all the scars and lift me to the skies to see my potential and let me flourish.

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But 9 years and counting into the contract we entered for a lifetime, I can definitely say that my partner has seen all and been all for me. He's become a best friend, a lover and definitely my rock in times I find myself crumbling down.

Kaakbay with Sun Life 

Sun Life recently launched a deeply personal campaign with celebrity stars Enchong Dee, Matteo Guldicelli, Charo Santos Concio, and Sunlife's own Ambassador Piolo Pascual with his son Inigo.

Sun Life definitely nailed the meaning of Lifetime Partner as someone who will help them shine to their full potential.

Sunlife Kaakbay Campaign
Said campaign is aptly named "Kaakbay", centered around a set of videos showing how their lives were made brighter with the help of their own lifetime partners. These are the people who believed, supported and inspired our celebrity stars. For Piolo and Inigo's case, I would give a teaser and say that they're pulling each other up.

sunlife kaakbay campaign

It is especially nice to see Charo's side of the story, after having seen so many life stories of other people narrated by her. "Seeing an important part of my life immortalized through the video brought back so many memories that I share with my lifetime partner" she said. “It was unnerving at first but in the end, it was a beautiful way to pay tribute to someone who impacted my life in so many ways."

sunlife kaakbay
The soundtrack for the campaign, also entitled “Kaakbay" was written and performed by Inigo himself. Said song will be hitting airwaves nationwide, and its music video will be shown on Myx.

”It’s a song you can dedicate to an important person in your life,” he said. ”We don’t always tell our loved ones how much we appreciate them, but I hope that this song and our own ‘Kaakbay’ videos will inspire everyone to express just how much their loved ones mean to them."

sunlife kaakbay

Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa said. ”We are committed to helping them make life brighter." Lopa emphasized that all the brand ambassadors are long-time Sun Life clients as well. This brings truthfulness to their testimonies of having found a lifetime partner in Sun Life in their financial journey. We’re thankful that they supported our vision and permitted us to share their stories to Filipinos" she said.

sunlife kaakbay

“Kaakbay" is Sun Life’s latest effort geared towards renewing its commitment to becoming the Filipinos' lifetime financial partner. They have been providing clients with lifetime financial security since it introduced the concept of life insurance in 1895.

More than a century later and I can definitely say that Sun Life is living to that promise of being the perfect Financial Lifetime Partner.

Kaakbay to Singapore? Yes Please!

The "Kaakbay” videos will be posted on Sun Life's Youtube channel, @SunLifePH, with a new one premiering every week beginning July 13.
Those who will watch the videos will get a chance to win a trip for two to Singapore by sharing their own stories of lifetime partnership on @SunLifePH on Youtube or Facebook. Consolation prizes will also be given away. The full mechanics are available on Facebook.

Sun Life Kaakbay Campaign

Piolo, a long-time client and brand ambassador of the company, highlighted that his own relationship with Sun Life is truly one that can be defined as a lifetime partnership. "Sun Life has been my lifetime partner in every step of my journey. A 'kaakbay' in every way. With their help, I’ve been able to secure a brighter future not just for myself, but for my family as well,” he said. "I hope that my story, as well as that of my fellow ambassadors, will encourage more Filipinos to pursue financial security and live healthier lives with Sun Life as their lifetime partner.”


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