SunPIOLOgy Turns Ten | Bike, Run and Play for a Healthier You!

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The greatest wealth that we can have is not money, cars, a booming business or a house. It is actually something more, something that is intangible and can only be stolen from us, by ourselves. It is our health.

Sunlife recognized this and has been giving their best efforts for the past 10 years through SunPIOLOgy, a charity sporting event from Sun Life Philippines to enlighten people that even without material wealth, all you really need is your health and all the other things are sure to come as well. In line with changing Sun Life Financial Inc.'s mission to giving people the greatest wealth that one can have, SunPIOLOgy has evolved from art auctions to obstacle courses over the past decade.

"The greatest wealth is intangible and can only be stolen from us, by ourselves. It is our health."

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Every year, SuPIOLOgy gets bigger and bigger, and for this year, a trio of events will be held to celebrate the awesome 10 years that have passed by. Hence SunPIOLOgy Trio. These events are for its fans and raising funds for education, diabetes awareness and to help more filipinos live healthier lives.

The events are as follows:

Sun Cycle PH

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With the growing interest in biking and its health benefits, SUN LIFE CYCLE PH once again takes riders around four cities (Taguig, Makati, Manila, and Pasay) in routes fit for beginner and seasoned bikers. 
Organized by Sunrise Events, SUN LIFE CYCLE PH categories include a Family Ride (30mins dur.); Tricycle Ride (100m and 500m); Short Ride (20km); and Long Ride (40km). Celebrity cycling enthusiasts like Sun Life ambassadors Matteo Guidicelli and Piolo Pascual will be leading the race. Interested parties may register at
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Sun Life Resolution Run

Part of SunPIOLOgy TR10 is the SUN LIFE RESOLUTION RUN. It has evolved to a regional spectacle with counterparts in different Sun Life Asia territories. Aside from the Philippines, a Resolution Run to kick diabetes and live healthier lives will also happen in Malaysia (January 13), Indonesia (January 20), Hong Kong (January 27), and Vietnam (January 27). 
Here in the Philippines, the charity Run will retain its charm of a gun start by sunset as the country's biggest stars race for beneficiaries Hebreo Foundation, Institute for studies on Diabetes Foundation and Star Magic Scholars. Registration is now open at
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The resolution run and the cycle PH activities all have categories for kids and adults, so the whole family can join in on the fun. Another thing that I like with the SunPIOLOgy Charity Sporting Events is the time, cause they schedule it in the afternoons instead of some ungodly time in the morning. Like the Resolution Run which starts at 3pm for example.

Sun vs Stars with Star Magic

From what we heard at the launch, they will be streaming live some footage of Star Magic Actors and Actresses VS. Sun Life Employees playing and having some good competition, happening after the Sun Life Resolution Run.

No better ambassador could be picked for this program that Sunlife Financial has created last 2008, and is still continuing up to present. Piolo Pascual is one of those people who you can liken to a modern day Captain America cause the guy is so fit with his physique.

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During the launch at Novotel, I recall someone who asked him " Nagkakasakit ka pa ba?" because Piolo Pascual never seems to run out of energy. He smiled, and said that honestly, he’s pressured because he embodies the healthy lifestyle so he has to be healthy physically even if he lacks sleep.That would mean intuitive eating, or consuming what is right for his body as well as exercises with the goal for health and not for a hot bod but which is a better reason to get up and get going.

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"Wellness has been one of our key initiatives for the past years. Now, we are strengthening our message by inspiring more people to "live healthier lives'. With our line of new-generation Health and Accident products, Go Well community events, and partnerships such as SUNPIOLOGY, we want to show health and wealth shine brighter together," explains Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer Ms. Mylene Lopa.

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