Pop Studio Chorus Lipstick Set Review

Pop Studio Sarah Geronimo Chorus 01 Lipstick Set Pop Studio Cosmetics was launched last month with a concert by its creator and Shopee's newest brand ambassador, Ms. Sarah Geronimo. I got here 3 shades from the Chorus 1 set that I will be reviewing for you.

Pop Studio Sarah Geronimo Chorus 01 Lipstick Set


The box itself and all other Pop Studio cosmetics' packaging feels like it came straight from the 90's as some sort of memorabilia. The box of the Chorus 1 set looks awesome with Sarah at the front, being her popping great self. At the back of the box it is shaped like a cassette with all the details of it's shades and manufacture date. I don't know if they have the ingredients labeled though, or if it is cruelty free as it is not indicated in any of the labels.


The functionality of the packaging is nice with a lipstick and lip balm in one. While it is in theme with all of Pop Studio's dual persona/function, I kinda don't feel for the kid's make up look. While Sarah does have a younger fanbase, I think she could have gone for a fun and yet classy look too, not something that resembles toy make up too much.

Pop Studio Sarah Geronimo Chorus 01 Lipstick Set. They feel light and you can unscrew the bottom to find some lip balms in them.

Price and Where to buy

You can get it in SM Department Stores, Watson's and shopee. What I have here is the set of 3's which costs 649 Php. You can get the whole Pop Studio Chorus Set of 6 for 1,199 Php. Or you can get them in singles with a price of 249 Php.

Swatches and longevity

I've got 3 shades here, namely studio hits 1, 3 and 5. They claim to be matte lipsticks but they feel more on the powder matte texture. Once applied, they look velvety and dry but not drying on the lips as they glide on quite well, unlike Vice Cosmetic's matte lipsticks.
Pop Studio Sarah Geronimo Chorus 01 Lipstick Set

L-R: Studio Hits 01, 03 and 05 on my hand:
Pop Studio Sarah Geronimo Chorus 01 Lipstick Set

And here's Studio Hits 5 on my lips. It looks to be a mauve dusty pink in color. Perfect for a first date or a nice girl look.Pop Studio Chorus Lipstick in 3

Here's Studio Hit 3 on my lips. This on is a nice nude brown that is on a thin line between making me look great and making me look dead. This works better on me if I wear a lighter shade of foundation as if I go with my usual morena color, it makes my lips look too pale and sick. This is what I used for my Mikasa Ackerman Cosplay during TOYCON 2019.

Pop Studio Chorus Lipstick in 3

Studio Hits one on swatch and on the lips is a nice muted, blue toned red. With it having a powder matte finish, the color looks identical to Maybelline's powder mattes in Noir Red.This one though has a more pigmented color with just one swipe.

Longevity is the usual much like any other lipstick, an average of 4-6 hours without eating. Also, note that #1 stains a bit on the lips.

Pop Studio Chorus Hits lipstick in 1 

The lip balm kinda smells a bit like crayons to be honest.  It is moisturizing much like any other lip balm in the market.


These are decent powder mattes and I love that I have it in my collection. The nude shades are great for pinay skin, just not the super morena ones. I think that #3 is not good for them or me when I get that summer tan.

Will I buy again? Maybe in another color. If you are a fan of the Popstar Princess Sarah G though then this is an awesome memorabilia to have in your make up collection.

Pop Studio Sarah Geronimo Chorus 01 Lipstick Set

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