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If you've been wanting to start eating healthy but don't know where to start, check out Chi Em Gai! Or maybe you're craving for that authentic Vietnamese Pho? They're sure to fix your cravings in no time!

Ambiance At Chi Em Gai

Chi Em Gai is located at Eton Centris Walk, near Lazer area and beside Assi mart. The place is actually owned by a Vietnamese national so you're sure that the dishes they serve here are authentic as can get. The place itself is really cozy and comfy with all the greens and browns that's going for a light and fresh look to the eyes- much like their dishes!

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PS: They do Deliver via Food Panda. :D

The Food

Pichi got to try out some of the dishes during their mini meet up. I sent him as he's been to vietnam and know exactly what to look for when discerning these dishes.

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Let's start with their fresh spring rolls or Goi Cuon (258 Php). These are veggies, vermicelli and usually shrimp wrapped in  rice paper, served with a peanut sauce dip. They also have chicken and pork choices for those who are allergic to shrimp. This dish is a personal favorite of mine and I am definitely having this when pichi and I get back to Chi Em Gai for a round 2.chi em gai eton centris (3 of 17)

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This one is Chi Em Gai's Vietnamese Cold Noodles with Grilled Pork (279Pho/bowl). In vietnamese it is Bun Thit Nuong. This is served with cold vermicelli rice noodles, topped with grilled pork and mixed legumes or nuts and veggies. Definitely a must try when you come here.
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If you like it hot, try out their Beef Pho. Also known as Pho Bo, it is priced at 149 Pho for 1 person, 269 Php for 2-3 persons and 439 Php for the whole fam of 6. Said noodle soup is full of that good beefy flavor and quality of the pho or noodles itself is authentic. While they did have the lemon, basil, chili and beansprouts for garnishing and adding more flavor, Pichi said that a Pho can be much more with the wide range of condiments you can add in it when he was in vietnam.


But if you're up for that Vietnamese authenticity, then this is a great start. He even compared it and said that Chi Em Gai's was better than what Pho Hoa had to offer and that's saying something. :D

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You can also get your craving of Pho and Fresh spring rolls with their combo meals package for only 227 Php! Here's the list of all their combo meals:

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This is a perfect pair to rice- their Chicken Breast Fillet n honey garlic sauce. Sweet meets savory and the chicken is pretty tender. This dish can serve up to 3 people. But if you're looking for something that's a set, they also have yummy rice meals which are priced at 245 pesos on average.

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They also serve skewers, pork, chicken, beef and shrimp. It's vietnamese in the veggies included like roasted cucumber and the spices are definitely vitnamese as well. Just a bit sad that their pork fat part was a bit much like chewing gum because it was probably overdone, but I'm pretty sure that they're gonna be improving on this soon. The taste is phenomenal by the way!

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One of the things that will make you come back for more here in Chi Em Gai though is their egg coffee. This is priced at 139 Php and it might just replace your favorite starbucks drink! We all know how strong Vietnamese Coffee can be- even their own people put in condensed milk as their creamer/sugar to balance out that bitter taste.

This Egg Coffee though is Chi Em Gai's own twist to said coffee- they added in an egg and milk mixture which resulted in this rich, creamy and custardy coffee drink- loads better than eggnog for sure.

They're also gonna release a cold version like the one below. Its a coffee float that's elevated in flavor with the rich vietnamese iced coffee, topped with Vietnamese Ice cream and some syrup.

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Discount Code for Chi Em Gai

Here's my discount code if you're planning to eat here this July. (and you just might cause of that Egg Coffee!)


Or just show the photo below:
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And since I want to share these dishes and make you all appreciate veggies in a really tasty way...I'll be sharing with you some Gift Certs!

1 winner will have 1000 Pesos Gift Certificate (Instagram winner) and 1 winner will get 500 Pesos GC (Facebook winner) from Chi Em Gai 

Full mechanics for the 1000 Pesos Gift Certificate can be seen in my Instagram Post here.

Full mechanics for the 500 Pesos Gift Certificate are the following:

  • FOLLOW Chi Em Gai's Facebook Page and Chic Mix Facebook page
  • SHARE this post publicly (linked here. click me.) with the #ChiEmGaiChicMix
  • Comment in the post the dish that you wanna try and tag a friend in the comments of the facebook post
PS: Please tag actual people alright? Also these contests are not linked with facebook or Instagram.

Raffles end on July 25, and I'll announce the winner on July 28 ❤❤❤

Happy Eating! ❤


  1. Sarap diyan! Must-try yung egg coffee nila.

  2. Grave nakakatakam naman ung mga food nila lalo na ung Chi Em Gai's Vietnamese Cold Noodles with Grilled Pork and fresh spring rolls! :D

  3. ❤️#ChiEMGaiChicMix

    I want the combo meals package for me and my family.

    Cordovilla Navora Maribel (FB acct)

  4. ❤️#ChiEMGaiChicMix

    I want the combo meals package for me and my family.

    Cordovilla Navora Maribel (FB acct)

  5. wow sana isa ako sa mapili ang ssarap nmn ng mga foods❤️❤️🙏🙏