A Peek at the Belle De Jour Power Planner 2019

Belle De Jour 2019 Planner (7 of 16) These days, a planner is not just for planning your day - it is for planning your LIFE! Some are designed so you can keep track of your expenses, goals, exercises, and others are designed to be customized to your need, hence the emergence of the Bullet Journaling or BuJo. For me, I tend to get a planner so I have a handy notebook to draw in when boredom strikes.

But a Belle de Jour Planner is more than just a power planner, because after 13 years, they have cultivated a planner with super sulit coupons into a community of women empowerment through their quarterly workshops and events.

Belle De Jour Planner 2019

Magical is the theme of this year's Belle De Jour 2019 Power Planner launch, which had a lot going on as you can see below. Alongside that, they also launched their Everything is Possible Journal, Focus Journal, Navi Journal and Essentials Planner which has a minimalist but really beautiful design.

Belle De Jour Planner 2019

Belle De Jour Planner 2019

Had so much fun letting the inner graphic artist out in me while stamping my canvas bag!

Belle De Jour Planner 2019

The Belle De Jour Power Planner for 2019 has four variants- Classic, Limited Edition, Leather and Discbound. The words "Make Today Magical" is seen in the latter three styles. I got the Limited Edition for myself as I liked the simplicity of the butterfly, and how it has always inspired me to keep my life colorful even if I am floating along the wind of life.

Here's a peek at what is inside the 2019 Belle De Jour Planner:

Belle De Jour 2019 Planner (6 of 16)

Belle De Jour 2019 Planner (12 of 16)

You have a color by mood area, a place to put in your goals, trackers of every kind and beautiful artworks!

Belle De Jour 2019 Planner (14 of 16)

Belle De Jour 2019 Planner (16 of 16)

Belle De Jour Planner 2019

I like the artwork of the butterfly and the fox, plus that little extra something with the zappar app! It just scanned my planner and viola!

This is actually a great gift idea to friends and family because it not only is a planner, but has discount coupons as well with Perks of a Bella! And if you're thinking of gifting a planner for your guy, I think the Navi Journal or Focus Journal is best for them as the designs are on the unisex side. Also, if you need some BuJo in life, they have the Essentials Planner for that!

Belle De Jour 2019 Planner (2 of 16)

Here's a complete list of the stores included in the Perks of a Bella booklet:

  • Ace Hotel and Suites
  • Ace Water Spa
  • Ace Coffee Lounge
  • Ace International Buffet
  • Banana Republic
  • Basilur Tea
  • Baskin and Robins
  • Browhaus
  • Celeteque
  • Curves
  • Feta Restaurant
  • Fitness Gourmet
  • Frankies
  • Gap
  • Goldilocks
  • Guavapass
  • J Cat Beauty
  • Linya Linya
  • Lipault Paris
  • Mcdonalds
  • Old Navy
  • SM Store Parisian (Shoes)
  • Party Party KTV
  • Qrated Crates
  • Revlon
  • Serenitea
  • Skinhouse
  • Skygarden Steak House
  • Sky High Bar
  • Strip Ministry of Waxing
  • Sip
  • Stylegenie
  • Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
  • witty.ph
  • Wacoal Mood
  • Tokyo Finds
  • Zen Nutrients

Belle De Jour 2019 Planner IG (11 of 16)

Price and where to buy:

By the way, the Belle De Jour Power Planners are priced at 520 Pesos as of publishing this, but they are usually priced at 598 Php.

FYI: That free brow threading you'll be getting at Browhaus with this Perks of a bella coupon is worth 698 Php.. So you're actually getting your money back with these coupons. 

Check them out at ilovebdj.com for more!

So there we go, a little sneak peek on what is in my Belle De Jour Planner for 2019. I think this time though, with all the things that are happening in my life, it is high time that I actually use a planner not just for random drawings but actually gettimg my days and goals in order.

How bout you? What got you the most excited with the Belle De Jour Planner? 

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  1. Ganda nito❤ i have my 2018 at super love ko sya. Yung coupons din gamit ko na😊