Taiwan Excellence x Philconstruct 2018 : For Convenience and Smarter Cities

1 Taiwan Excellence is an internationally accredited organization known for reviewing Taiwan made products and gives awards to those found exceptional and superior.

They visited the Philippines today and is one of the larger exhibitors for the Philconstruct 2018, known to be the biggest construction show in the country, showcasing industry related items like quality construction equipment exterior design products and the like, to show everyone more quality items that can help us with our fast paced lifestyle.


2 Innovations came in all shapes and forms, but what got me really excited are these space savers and wall savers from Ferro-Carbon Enterprise Co. Ltd.( FECA). They have these wall hooks and shelves that are made with a double rubber pad, releasable with a switch lock.

You don't have to drill your walls just to install some shelves, hooks for kitchen utensils or racks for your pots and pans.

 It passed the IPX4 test and some of the rack sets can carry up to 8kg load. They also have ones for phones,and yes, the suction is more than enough to ensure that your phone won't fall even if the road is bumpy. ;)

Taiwan Excellence 2018 (5 of 41)

Taiwan Excellence 2018 (14 of 41)

Another Company called Aver has this Video Soundbar and other tools that can further make video conferencing easier. After all, with today's traffic, sometimes it is just better to meet with your co workers and boss at the convenience of your own home.


Insects and too much sunlight? Well, Taroko Door & Window Technologies, Inc. has the answer to that. They offer the Intuitive Detachable Pleated Screen, a screen system for both windows and doors that has a 3 functions: keeping harsh light out during the day and keeping insects out at night while letting air freely circulate. This is also automated and is perfect for those who have difficulty opening doors like PWDs and the like. 
Although highly mechanical, the screen is easily removed from wherever it's installed for cleaning. And yes, it is durable as it has a  minimum usage cycle of 100,000 times or 30 year's worth of usage.
Cabinets and shelving systems that are poorly built are a safety hazard at worst and a nuisance at best. Addressing this problem is a Silent Self-Closing Ball Bearing Slide by King Slide Works Co., Ltd., which ensures that the home or office of the future has storage spaces that are not just whisper-quiet, but also secure and smart. Cabinets with the slide are self-closing, and the soundless speed down mechanism helps drawers close quietly by themselves, an effective improvement in living spaces that also prevent accidents caused by drawers left open.

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Taiwan Excellence 2018 (41 of 41)

We all need an aluminum tacker in our homes. You never know when you need to stick something on your wall or fix up your sofa really quick!

Convenience is something that most people who create aim for.

Phones evolved from being attached to houses with cables into hand held devices that merged a beeper, telephone, digicam, planner, radio and much more. Blogs also evolved to give convenience for travelers looking for iteneraries, people interested in reviews about their favorite things like gadgets and makeup. And while these are great, we all know that there is always something more to improve on.

Taiwan Excellence showcases those improvements by recognizing and bringing that convenience here in the PH, closer to our home.

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You can check more on Taiwan Excellence and Philconstruct at the SMX Convention Center and the World Trade Center in Pasay city from today, November 8th to November 11. If you're looking for home products though, I suggest you go to the SMX Convention Center. They are also giving out some prizes for the attendees!

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