No Sacrifice too little if we #PinoyItForward

Remember that post I made about my lipstick collection having a life of it's own? Well, that little sacrifice I made on donating my lipstick money to the #PinoyItForward Movement is going to help our fellow pinoys who have faced countless adversities and disasters. While our resilience is a nice trait to have with the disasters that countless families across the country have faced, our "Bayanihan" spirit is what helps us all stand up to these challenges.

Lipsticks have dominated my vanity kit.😳 • For some reason, I got addicted to collecting different colors and I guess it has become an indulgence that has a life of its own na (40+ lippies and only one pair of lips omg.)🙃😅 • But I recently joined a campaign that challenges one to make a sacrifice in the form of a donation to #PinoyItForward campaign. There is no sacrifice too small to be a part of this movement. Everyone can join and everyone plays a part. • Instead of buying that 300 pesos lipstick na malamang I don't need right now, I am giving my lippie money to help PinoyItForward's Busai Valley Housing Project. Now, while it is nice to have a couple of nudes, reds, and weird colors like blue and green, it is even nicer to be a blessing to other people. • • Also tagging these lovely peeps with big hearts- @sayochelsea , @daddysetgo and @thegirlwiththemujihat to join this campaign and tag 3 of their friends too!• You can also send your help at😍😍😍 Merry Christmas!
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I remember that time we experienced flooding up to 6 ft. when I was in high school, that solid resolve in facing the future and big heart in extending a helping hand to friends and family is what kept us alive and going. This spirit of “Bayanihan” still lives through these tough times and there is still so much more that the people can do.

With #PinoyItForward Movement, everyone can be a part of something significant in improving the lives of more Filipinos. And it does not take as much to join this movement. It only takes One Sacrifice to be part of this One Filipino Spirit and #PinoyItForward. To know more on how to help out, watch this video:

And while you're here, you can donate to the Pinoy It Forward cause here. No amount is too small, kahit pa piso yan. ;)

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