I Tried Bench Cafe on their Grand Opening | Filipino Fusion Restaurant Review

bench cafe robinsons manila (3 of 14) Bench Cafe recently opened their 3rd branch here at Rrobinson's Manila today. I got curious just because:

  • They had a promo of a "Year's worth of meals" for the first 100 customers
  • I was kinda wishing in the back end that they'd have waiters with  Bench Bodies. LOL.

bench cafe robinsons manila (1 of 14) For reals though, I know Bench as a young adult clothes shop, and a salon. So I got curious how Bench would be coming in the restaurant business and what they might be offering.

The Food:

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They're really affordable or sulit once you got to try them, as they served in quantities quite big for one person. I got their Crispy Adobo Flakes(135 Php) from their breakfast silog series. It comes with  a couple slices of tomatoes, atchara, eggs which you can ask to have it as runny or a little bit well done. The garlic rice is really fluffy and it was a lot more than my usual on cup.

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I also got myself a glass of their sago gulaman (60 Php). It was a bit too sweet for me. I also got a Classic Turon Ala mode (45 Php) , but I think I should've gotten something more exciting like their ube flan cake or bibingka cheesecake.
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All in all everything is really affordable with quality of food and quantity vs price.

Unfortunate though that I got a dizzy after all the food. I wasn't able to eat much after and I was still dizzy the next morning. It usually happens when I get too much MSG intake, and while the food is really tasty, I was kinda sad about that one little hiccup.

The Ambiance:

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It is located beside Goldilocks and Tong Yang in Robinson's Manila. The place is well lighted, albeit in a warm tone and it has quite an instagrammable look with the whites, the wood and the black and white furnishings on the front part of the restaurant. More on the cafe side, defnintely. It was also the reason why I was surprised that they served actual filling food here, as with their name and the look of the place,it implies "Coffee Shop" instead of actual restaurant.
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The promo after:

They got people interested by posting about  giving a gift for their first 100 customers. Lucky enough that I got the 3rd slot and I got this coupon which has a couple of provisos. It was stated that I'll be getting a free meal once a week for a year's duration, and once I don't claim it for that week it is forfeited.

All in all, I loved the food except for the minor hiccup of me being a little bit dizzy.

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