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Nippon Paint Asia Young Designer Award Nippon Paint Philippines has been acknowledging great young designers for over 10 years now. Asia Young Designers Awards (AYDA) 2019 opens up with the theme "FORWARD: A Sustainable Future". Said theme gives architects and interior designers a chance to use their talents to transform future environments that are ecological, sustainable plus create a big impact on the succeeding generations by providing practical design solutions.

BONUS: The winners get a chance to win up to 50,000 pesos along with internship opportunities and a chance to win a 6 week learning experience suited to their career of Design in Harvard University School Of Design in USA under the Design Discovery Program .


The ADYA 2019 Theme openly sums up what we need to focus on today- the needs of our community and our future generations with materials and the earth itself slowly losing its resources. Designers today are facing challenges of providing a balance between urbanization and sustainability. Which needs should prevail, the individual or that of the community?

Asia Young Designer Awards Prizes include:


Gold Award Prizes include Php50,000 cash prize and an internship opportunity at JSLA Architects (for Architecture category) and internship opportunity at AIDEA and Santa Fe Interior Architecture Sdn Bhd (for Interior Design category). Plus, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go abroad and compete against AYDA Gold Awardees from 14 other countries to be proclaimed “Asia Young Designer of the Year,” which comes with an all-expense-paid, 6-week learning experience under the Design Discovery Program of the Harvard University School of Design in the US. The Silver Award winners for both categories will receive Php 30,000 cash prize and an internship opportunity at JSLA Architects (for Architecture category), while the other 8 finalists will each receive Php 10,000 cash prize. Other special awards include “Best Mentor” for the professors of the Gold Award winners, and “People’s Choice” award for the design that will garner the “Most Number of Likes” in social media, where each special award carries a Php 10,000 prize, plus “Best Color Choice” and “Best Green Innovation,” where the winners will receive Php 5,000 each. The “Best College/University” and the “Best Supporting College/University,” meanwhile, will win Php 10,000 cash and Php 10,000 worth of paint voucher.

Asia Young Designer Awards Mechanics:

  • AYDA 2019 is a design competition for Architecture and Interior design students. Participants are required to come up with designs that are realistic, within the urban context and is fully sustainable for future generations to come. 
  • Each student is allowed to submit One (1) entry. 
  • Deadline for submission of entries is on November 22, 2019. 
  • The entry should be in a CD or USB in a folder marked “Presentation Board” with files in JPEG format at 300dpi resolution, together with a present copy of a valid school ID, a completely filled-out entry form together with a 2 x 2 photo (300dpi) in JPEG format
  • The entry is to be mailed to Nezrald Landicho of Nippon Paint Marketing, Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines, Inc., G/F CSP Building, 173 EDSA, Mandaluyong City. 

Criteria for judging

in the Architecture category:

  • Sustainable Design Concept (20%)
  • Design Innovation (15%)
  • Color Usage (10%)
  • Planning and Functionality (20%)
  • Sustainability and Relevance (15%)
  • Aesthetic and Visual Impact (10%)
  • Theme Compatibility and Forward Thinking (5%)
  • Delivery and Presence (5%). 

Interior Design category,

  • Design Concept (20%)
  • Design Innovation (15%)
  • Color Usage (15%)
  • Planning and Functionality (20%)
  • Sustainability and Relevance (15%)
  • Theme Compatibility and Forward Thinking (10%)
  • Delivery and Presence (5%). 

The Judges:

The Judges’ Panel for AYDA 2019 include some of the best and the brightest minds in the Architecture and Interior Design industry in the country. For Interior Design, the judges’ panel is joined by IDr. Chat Fores, founder of the Chat Fores Design Studio, IDr. Cynthia Almario and IDr. Ivy Almario, co-founders of Atelier Almario, IDr. Wilfrid Nicholo Magcase, Principal Designer, W.M. Magcase Design, IDr. Cara Marie Marcelo, Founder, CMM Interior Design and Consultancy, and IDr. Fendarie Su, founder of the Santa Fe Interior Architecture Sdn Bhd based in Ampang, Malaysia.
(From Left to Right) Architecture Judges: Ar. Rene Richie Corcuera, Ar. Randel Leona, Ar. Kristine Mae Sanao, Ar. Ana Mangalino-Ling, Ar. Nina Bailon-Arce; Nippon Paint General Manager, Michael Francisco; Nippon Paint President, Mark Owen Webb; Interior Design Judges: IDr. Ivy Almario, IDr. Cynthia Almario, IDr. Wilfrid Nicholo Magcase, IDr. Cara Marie Marcelo; Nippon Paint Marketing Manager, Lyra Castillo; Nippon Paint Marketing Officer, Nezrald Landicho
For Architecture, the panel is joined by Ar. Ana Mangalino-Ling, Partner and Associate, JSLA Architects, with Ar. Rene Richie Corcuera, Director for UAP Commission in Professional Practices, Ar. Maria Benita Regala, National President (2014-2016) of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) and Department Manager, Housing Technology Development Office, National Housing Authority (NHA), Ar. Nina Bailon-Arce, Partner, Arce-Bailon-Arce Architects, Ar. Boon Che Wee, Director, GRA Architects Sdn Bhd based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Ar. Leo PariƱas, President and Chief Executive Officer, LPPA Design Group, Ar. Randel Leona, Chairman for UAP National Committee on Competitions, Managing Director, Leona Design Builders, Consultant, Sure Source Design Construction, and Ar. Kristine Mae Sanao, Chief Executive Officer, KMAS Design and Vice Chairman for UAP National Committee on Competitions. 

The AYDA is judged by prominent and well-established industry professionals and is supported by the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), Council of Deans and Heads of Architecture Schools in the Philippines (CODHASP), the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID), and the Council of Interior Design Educators (CIDE).

For more about AYDA 2019 and to download the AYDA 2019 Entry Kit, go to To know more about Nippon Paint Coatings Philippines, go to

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