How to get Lighter, Bouncier hair that Lasts

Hair as Light as Water(1)
I've always had this pet peeve of my hair being really gorgeous and smooth after shower... But even before I get to Baclaran church my hair is all sticky and kinda greasy already.

Commute, Philippine weather and humidity as well as pollution all contribute to our hair getting pretty dry and tangled- which is not a pretty sight. And while we all use some conditioner usually for our hair, the usual story is that by mid day, sometimes things get a bit sticky. And instead of getting that smooth and bouncy hair we get a bit weighed down.


Cream Silk recently made a water based hair conditioner that'll answer ll these woes.Cream Silk Hydra Fresh is specially infused with Hydra-Collagen Technology that deeply hydrates every strand and locks in moisture to keep hair feeling fresh all day long. Its water-based and easy-rinse formula is designed to condition hair without the heavy and greasy feel. It is available in Fresh and Hydrated for oily and greasy hair, and Fresh and Bouncy perfect for limp and flat hair.

CSK Race Pia KV Apr28
Reigning Miss Universe Catriona Grey, the quintessental Modern Filipina is Creamsilk's newest ambassador. She is no stranger to going through intense situations, but instead of letting these overwhelm her, she has risen to the occasion and consistently shows her ultimate beauty on the world stage.

It is exactly how Cream Silk Hydra Fresh works- Intense but Light on our hair.

We're excited to introduce the new Cream Silk Hydra Fresh Conditioners, with a light, fresh texture that leaves hair feeling hydrated without the greasy, sticky feeling," says Carlos Corrales, Cream Silk Philippines' Senior Brand Manager. "We're also very happy to be launching this with Catriona Gray, as we believe she embodies the modern Filipina who strives to reach the top of whatever field she's in."

Experience a new level of intense hydration with an unbelievably light feel the NEW Cream Silk Hydra Fresh, the most #IntensebutLight conditioner yet!
Cream Silk HydraFresh Conditioner is now available in :
  • 10ml sachets for 6.50 Php 
  • 150ml for 149 Php 
  • and 300ml bottles for 259 Php 
You can get them in all leading supermarkets, department stores and drugstores nationwide, as well as online through Lazada, Shopee and Watsons. For more information, visit https:/

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